4th of July Flower and Headband Tutorial


Everyone loves the Fourth of July and all of the outdoor activities surrounding it, but no one loves having their hair in their face or having it blowing in the wind. So, we have created a DIY hair accessory tutorial for a fun, super easy, patriotic flower and headband to wear this 4th of July. This cute DIY Fourth of July flower and headband are great for babies, infants, toddlers, and even adults! This red, white, and blue headband can be worn to all of your Fourth of July events whether they are indoor or outdoor, casual or formal. Both the flower and headband use minimal supplies and they are all available here, at My Sunshine Shoppe.

Supplies needed:

Fourth of July Headband

To make the flower:

Step 1:

Cut your yard of red elastic and yard of dark navy elastic into 3 inch long pieces.

Step 2:

Cut off about a foot of your thread. Use one end to thread your needle and tie a large knot on the other end (this is to prevent the thread to slip all the way through the elastic).
Decide which color of elastic you want to begin with and pick up one of the 3 inch pieces. Fold the piece in half so the shiny side of the elastic is showing. Sew threw one corner of the open ends of elastic. Pull the threaded elastic piece all the way down your thread to the knot. Continue this step the same way with your next piece(s) of elastic – make sure to alternate colors!

Fourth of July Flower  Fourth of July Flower  Fourth of July Flower  Fourth of July Flower

Step 3:

Once you have all of your elastic “petals” threaded onto the thread it’s time for the next step. We used five pieces of each color for our flower, but if you want a fuller flower then feel free to use more! Keep your thread a little loose so you have some slack to work with. Take the first petal you threaded and make it slightly overlap the last petal you threaded (this part is necessary for the flower to look right). While you are still holding onto those pieces, gently pull on the thread to tighten it and the petals will begin to overlap. You may have to place your finger in the center of the petals and apply light pressure as you pull to help this happen. Then, adjust your petals if necessary, so they are overlapping just the way you want them!

Fourth of July Flower  Fourth of July Flower  Fourth of July Flower

Step 4:

Once all of the elastic petals are just as you want, apply a dab of hot glue to one side of a 1.5 inch felt circle (we used white) and press it onto the middle of the flower where all of the ends meet. This strengthens and secures the flower and all of its petals in place.

Fourth of July Flower  red white and blue flower

Step 5:

Flip your flower over so the side with the felt circle is on your work surface. Use a hot glue on the back of the flattened bottle cap to glue it to the center of the front of your flower – be careful, the bottle cap may get hot! Then, grab your plastic multi button, or whichever metal embellishment you chose to use, if any, and use a wire snipper to cut the plastic loop off the back of it (be sure to point this away from your face to prevent injuries). Use a dab of hot glue on the back of the button to adhere it the middle of the bottle cap that you had previously glued to the flower.

red white and blue flower  red white and blue flower  red white and blue flower  red white and blue flower

To make the headband:

Step 1:

Cut your yard of Patriotic elastic according to the size you need for the age of person you are making it for. Check out our blog post about headband sizes for an exact chart of different sizes. Cut a two inch piece off of the remaining elastic that you have (this piece will be used to cover the seam).

Step 2:

Glue the ends of your longer elastic piece together to create the headband. Then, wrap your two inch piece around the seam, hot gluing it as you wrap. You may have to cut extra off of this piece so it’s not too long and hangs over the end. Be sure to lightly burn the edge of elastic with a lighter to prevent it from fraying.

Fourth of July Headband  Fourth of July Headband  Fourth of July Headband

To make the completed headband:

Step 1:

Glue the seam of your headband to the 1.5 inch felt circle that is on the back of your flower using hot glue.

Patriotic Headband  Patriotic Headband

Step 2:

Glue your remaining felt circle over the elastic of the headband to the other felt circle to conceal the seam of your headband. You will essentially be “sandwiching” the headband between the two felt circles to secure it in place.

Patriotic Headband  Patriotic Headband

That’s the finished DIY Patriotic Flower and Headband! This unique headband is great for keeping your hair out of the way during all those outdoor activities, such as parades, on the Fourth of July and for dressing up your festive outfit! Not only is this red, white, and blue flower and headband combo good for the Fourth of July, but it’s great for other military or patriotic events. We have many other matching 4th of July inspired clothing items in our shop as well – such as our infant star legwarmers or our toddler USA legwarmers to match your child’s cute outfit and this one-of-a-kind headband! And if your local school’s colors are red, white, and blue this headband is also a great way to show some school spirit! It’s not only bright and fun, but also a great DIY headband for girls and moms of all ages!


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