5 DIY Hair Accessories


These five DIY girl’s hair accessories are the perfect way to accessorize without spending a ton of money! Though inexpensive and little, these hair accessories can make a big change to anyone’s outfit! All the DIY hair clips, headbands, hair bows, and bobby pins are extremely versatile and can be worn on any age. Great for newborns through kids and even adults, these fun and fashionable DIY hair pieces are essential, must have accessories AND all products used (besides lighter and glue gun) can be purchased directly through us on our sunshineshoppesupply website! Read on to find out how to make your favorite must have girl’s hair accessories.

They appear in order as 1) DIY Alligator Hair Clip for Baby and Toddler 2) DIY Baby-Sized Elastic Headband 3) No Sew Lace Hair Bow Clip 4) DIY Pearl and Rhinestone Bobby Pins and 5) DIY Tulle Bow Headband and/or Pom Pom Hair Clip. Please leave us a comment below with your favorite design or once you have made one of these DIY hair pieces – please share with us any tips or tricks you found helpful along the way!

First up-

DIY Alligator Hair Clippie for Babies and Toddlers

Supplies needed:

DIY Hair Bow Clippie
Step 1:

Take your grosgrain ribbon and measure the amount needed to cover your double prong alligator clip. Cut ribbon to size and lightly singe the ends of the cut ribbon with your lighter – this is to heat seal the ends to prevent fraying.

You could also start with one of Sunshine Shoppe’s partially lined alligator clips and skip this first step.

diy hair bow clip diy hair bow clip
Step 2:

Hot glue your grosgrain to your clip using dabs of hot glue. Be sure you do not close the open end of the alligator clip with your ribbon – you will need to hold the hair clip open as you hot glue the ribbon to the inside of the clip.

diy hair bow clip diy hair bow clip
Step 3: 

Cut two more pieces of ribbon – 1 will measure 1/8th inch long and the other should be 3 1/8th inch long. Hot glue the longer piece into a circle. Then add a small dab of glue in the center and squeeze or pinch the ribbon to create two separate bow loops. Hot glue to the middle of the finished/lined side of your alligator clip.

bow hair clip tutorial bow hair clip tutorial
baby hair clip tutorial baby hair clip tutorial
Step 4:

Take your last piece of ribbon and wrap it around the center, pinched portion of your hair bow clip. Again – be sure you have the alligator clip open when you hot glue the ribbon to the inside so that you do not glue your hair clip closed.

DIY baby hair clip DIY baby hair clip
No Slip Hair Clippy No Slip Hair Clippy
If you wish – you can then add some silly no slip grip to the inside of your lined DIY hair clip so that you can be sure your hair will not slip (nor snag) through your newest hair accessory creation! We have even made a tutorial video on how to use Silly Grip to line your hairclips!

You have completed your DIY no slip hair clip. At this point, you can also choose to add some fun finishing touches such as the plastic round bitty button featured on the purple DIY baby hair clippie. This fun DIY hair bow clip on your baby or toddler is sure to be the perfect touch to any of their outfits. Making a matching hair clippie for any occasion and for any outfit is simple and easy with this easy and inexpensive DIY baby hair clip tutorial. Mix and match ribbons and various flat back embellishments to create unique, one-of-a-kind looks for your little one.

DIY Baby Infant Bow Headband

Supplies needed:

DIY baby headband
Step 1:

Cut your stretch elastic to the size needed. When cutting your elastic, we recommend cutting it about 0.5″ larger than the recommended baby headband sizing below, so you can overlap the elastic to hot glue it together. Then hot glue the two ends together, overlapping that half inch.

{ Premie} 11-12″
{ Newborn } 13″
{ 0-1 Year } 14″
{ 1-6 Years} 15″

diy baby headband tutorial diy baby headband tutorial
Step 2:

Take your felt circle and cut the very ends off two ‘sides’ of the circle making it more square. Then, where the two ends of your elastic overlap, glue the felt circle to the skinny elastic. Then, carefully adding more glue, wrap the felt circle around the DIY baby headband. This is to help secure the elastic together all while giving your DIY headband a more finished look.

diy baby headband bows diy baby headband bows
diy baby headband ideas diy baby headband ideas
Step 3:

Add a small dab of hot glue on top of the felt circle and place the small DIY hair bow on top. Press down gently. Then add your button as your bow center and you have your completed  DIY infant headband.

infant headband bows how to make infant headband tutorial
infant headband bows how to make infant headband tutorial

This infant headband or baby headband tutorial is really fun because it is so inexpensive and simple but has a beautiful result that looks just darling on a little one. There are so many variations you can add or take away from this baby headband idea – like adding a few loose guinea feathers or a different embellishment in the middle. So many color combinations you can make using the few supplies in this craft project as well that there is an endless amount of these headbands you could make. Use this easy to make headband on your baby for a newborn photo prop or on your toddler around the house, or on your little one as they head off to school for the first time!

No Sew Lace Hair Bow

Supplies needed:

  • 1 – single prong alligator clip
  • 18 inches – two inch stretch lace
  • Hot glue gun

No Sew Lace Hair Bow
Step 1:

Cut your two inch wide lace down to size. Two pieces should be about 7 inches long and one piece should measure 4 inches.

No Sew Lace Bow
Step 2:

Fold the two pieces, that are 7 inches long, in half. Using a line of hot glue, close the ends of the lace together creating a loop, on each lace piece.

No Sew Lace Bow make lace hair bow
Step 3:

Then, taking your 4 inch lace piece add a line of glue down the center and fold it in half. Repeat this step by folding the piece in half once more, adding a few dabs of glue to hold it in place where needed.

make lace hair bow easy lace hair bow
Step 4:

Stack the two 7 inch pieces, which are now in half, on top of each other. Then, pinch the middle together to achieve an accordion fold. You may want to add a dab of hot glue into each of the folds to help hold your lace hair bow in place.

easy lace hair bow DIY lace hairbow
Step 5:

Put a dab of hot glue in the center of your lace bow and place your 4 inch folded ‘tube’ on top of it.  On the opposite side of your bow, hot glue one side of your single prong alligator clip to the bow center and then start to wrap the skinny 4 inch piece around your bow. While holding your alligator clip open, finish wrapping your lace around the bow. Wrap one side of the lace at a time – cutting off any excess lace if needed, once your clip is secure.

DIY lace hairbow diy lace hair bow no sew
diy lace hair bow no sew
 how to make a cute lace bow
The best part about this simple DIY lace hair bow? It looks SOOO ADORABLE in anyone’s hair and you can make them for little to nothing! This DIY no sew hair bow adds the perfect amount of color and sass to any outfit. Make them in your child’s favorite color or colors! With how affordable this lace hair bow clip is, you will be able to make several at a time. Mix and match the lace that goes around the center for a two-toned look – it creates a classic look when using black and white together. We hope you enjoyed learning how to make this lace hair bow clip for you or your little one.

How to Make Pearl or Rhinestone Bobby Pins

Supplies needed:


DIY Pearl bobby pins DIY rhinestone bobby pins
Step 1:

This is a one step DIY bobby pin tutorial – so this should be fairly easy for you to make! Yay! All you need to do is pick out which flat back embellishment you wish to use, such as our flat back pearls to create a classic bridal or wedding look or our pearl sunburst embellishments for a bit more sparkle, and add a dab of hot glue (or E6000) to the glue pad on the bobby pin. Then, carefully place your embellishment on top of the bobby pin. Gently hold it in place until it is secure and let sit to dry for a couple hours.

DIY pearl bobby pins DIY pearl bobby pins
DIY bobby pin hair accessory DIY bobby pin hair accessory
Add to your hair to spruce it up for any occasion! These easy to make DIY pearl and rhinestone bobby pins make beautiful hair accessories for a date night, prom look, wedding or bridal updo, or just for a fun everyday hair piece. Sunshine Shoppe has over 900 buttons, rhinestone embellishments, pearls and cabochons in a variety of sizes to choose from to make your own beautiful DIY bobby pins. For another bobby pin idea that is great for weddings, especially for the bride or the flower girl – be sure to follow our link to find out how to make DIY rose bobby pins.

DIY Tulle Puff Headband or DIY Tulle Pom Pom Hair Clip

Supplies needed:

Step 1:

Keeping your tulle on the roll (if possible), wrap your tulle around your fingers until you are happy with the thickness of your tulle. Then cut it off the roll. Cut a smaller piece of the tulle about 6-10 inches long to wrap around the center of your tulle to create your DIY tulle bow.

DIY tulle hair bow DIY tulle bow clip
Step 2:

Depending on if you wanted to make a tulle bow headband or a tulle  hair clip – you either way to slip your tulle bow onto your satin wrapped headband or slip your alligator clip through the smaller piece of tulle that you tied around the center. Cut off any excess tulle.

DIY tulle hair bow DIY tulle bow clip
Step 3:

Add any extra embellishments to your tulle headband or hair clip, like this fun pearl button embellishment. You can do this two ways: 1) simply hot glut it to your bow center or 2) untie that small middle section of tulle, slip on the embellishment, and retie the bow center back in place.

diy tulle bow headband diy tulle bow headband
Step 4:

If you wish to keep your tulle as a bow shape – then you are already done with this tulle bow tutorial! If you wish to make a tulle pom pom, continue on by simply slipping your scissors through all of the tulle on one end and snipping it. Then, repeating that step on the other side – opening up all of the ends of the tulle.

diy tulle pom pom
Step 5:

Fan out the tulle to create your DIY puff or tulle pom pom! Again, these pom poms can be added to any headband or hair clip to create your tulle puff headbands and DIY tulle pom pom hair accessories!

DIY tulle pom pom headband DIY tulle pom pom headband
These tulle bows and puffs can be used for so many different things – not just girl’s hair accessories. You can make the pom poms bigger, smaller, thicker, fuller, etc to make fun decor for baby showers or birthday parties. Follow this same tutorial to make tulle pom pom garland or pom poms you can hang from the ceiling! Use different colors of tulle at the same time for two-toned puffs or use different colored girl’s headbands, hair clips, or embellishments for brighter mismatched looks. Little girls LOVE these fun little accessories because they are big, bold, and full of life!


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    I just love all your hair clip ideas, especially the pom pom hair band. Little girls can never have too many hair accessories and they can make their own with your great instructions. Thanks for sharing!

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