Adult Barefoot Sandals – DIY Tutorial


By now, many of you have probably came across our blog on how to make baby and toddler barefoot sandals. But did you know there are ways to make them for yourself too? Follow along with this DIY tutorial to learn how to make adult barefoot sandals.

Whether you want to make a matching set to match your baby for a fun day out at the beach or a family photo shoot, to give as a unique gift, or if you are just simply going on a vacation and you plan on enjoying walks on the beach, then these adorable adult barefoot sandals are a must have DIY project to add to your wardrobe! These DIY sandals can be dressed down for a casual every day look, or dressed up and bedazzled for a fabulous beach wedding. The color options of our fold over elastic together with the flowers and other embellishments that can be chosen to be placed on the sandals make for endless options!

Supplies needed:

DIY Barefoot Sandals Adult

Step 1

Before we start to construct our DIY barefoot sandals, we need to deconstruct our black feather pad. You may add as many feathers as you like to your sandals, but we chose to add four, or two per sandal. To get your feathers, simply find the place of origin where they start, at the point of the feather pad, and gently pull off to remove them. Instead of a feather pad, you can also use our loose nagorie feathers on satin trim, mix and match colors for a fun look!

DIY Barefoot Sandals Adult

Step 2

Wrap the elastic around your foot to find the length of elastic needed. Wrap the elastic around the ankle, where it will sit, and follow it, in a figure-8 style, around the 2nd toe (next to the big toe). Mark that measurement and proceed to cut your elastic to that length. For reference, my feet are about a size 7.5-8 and I used 17 inches of elastic for a comfortable fit of the sandals on my feet.

DIY Barefoot Sandals Adult

Step 3

After you cut your elastic down to size, you will want to complete the figure-8 by hot glueing the two ends of elastic together, overlapping about 1/4 to 1/2 inch. If you cannot remember how the elastic was turned to fit on your foot flat, without flipping over or being turned, place it back on your feet and carefully take off while holding the spot where they meet and then hot glue it together. You will have a turn in your elastic in order for the sandal to fit flat on your foot for the entire duration of the sandal.

At the point of intersection where the figure-8 comes together, add a dab of hot glue there so that the two loops (one for the ankle and one for the toe) of the sandal stay separate from here on out. Try to place the overlapped portion, where the two ends of elastic met, in the cross section of the figure-8 as that will be covered up and hidden later!

DIY Barefoot Sandals Adult DIY Barefoot Sandals AdultDIY Barefoot Sandals Adult DIY Barefoot Sandals Adult

Step 4

I chose to add on the felt circle at this step. You could save this step for the end, but I chose to do it now so that you had a better idea of where your flower, feathers, and other embellishments will go and how they will fit onto the sandal. Add a dab of hot glue at the figure-8 intersection on the back side, dull side, of the elastic and place your felt circle on there. (It will act as a backing to the top/front side of your DIY sandals)

DIY Barefoot Sandals Adult DIY Barefoot Sandals Adult

Step 5

Add some hot glue directly onto the back of your lotus flower and then quickly adhere your feathers to the glue. Then take the flower, along with the feathers, and add them to the elastic cross in the figure-8, on top of the felt circle. You will want the feathers to point back at the large loop, not sideways or towards the small loop. This way, once you place them on your feet, they will be pointed in the right direction – on top of your foot.

DIY Barefoot Sandals Adult DIY Barefoot Sandals Adult DIY Barefoot Sandals Adult DIY Barefoot Sandals Adult

Step 6

This last step is where you add any other embellishments, that you would like, to your barefoot sandals. I added a rhinestone flower, using a small amount of hot glue, to each of the flower centers for a bit of extra sparkle and bling!

DIY Barefoot Sandals Adult DIY Barefoot SandalsDIY Barefoot Sandals DIY Barefoot Sandals

Repeat these same steps to complete the other sandal to your pair and that is it! We hope you have enjoyed this 6-step tutorial showing you how to create your very own unique pair of barefoot sandals.

How cute would these be for an outdoor beach party, backyard barbecue, or summer wedding reception!? As mentioned earlier, you can mix and match colors of flowers, embellishments (add extra flat back pearls or other buttons for an elegant look) and elastics to come up with your own style of DIY barefoot sandal made to correspond to your specific occasion! The nice thing about these barefoot sandals is that the 5/8th inch elastic is soft and extremely comfortable so you will not have to worry about it cutting into your feet or your children’s feet. Then you can make this style of barefoot sandal for you with the matching baby barefoot sandal for your little diva!



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