Baby Flower Headband


 fabric flower baby headband tutorialWe are in love with everything that is a little bit woodland and ethereal right now. That is why our new mohair yarn has so much appeal. It has a beautiful natural look, while still being soft and dreamy. What more could you ask for? As soon as we saw our mohair yarn bundles we knew it would be perfect to make a baby flower headband, since it could be made on such a dainty scale. If you are making your flower headband for a newborn or for a young child, you could easily scale this headband up or down by using larger or smaller flowers and more or less yarn. The process of making your own beautiful flower headbands can be easily adapted for your needs.

The beauty of making these simple flower headbands is that they are completely adjustable. Since the mohair yarn has no stretch, the floral headbands are secured simply with a pretty bow in the back- it is a simple solution that is also completely adorable . The added benefit is that since it is adjustable it can be sized up to grow with your little one.

Supplies Needed to Make Baby Flower Headband:

diy headband materials

Step One:

The fist thing you will want to do it break apart your flowers. The silk flowers like the ranunculus, camilla and peonies will have a post in the middle. Once that is pulled or cut out, you will have a variety of petals to work with. Since this headband is intended to be on the smaller side, we discarded the largest outer petals of the ranunculus. We also only used a few of the small green petals from our olive peony- the rest of the petals from these flowers could be used in another headband or a different craft project.
fabric flower baby headband tutorialdiy fabric flower headband

Step Two:

Measure the head that your headband will be tied to, adding plenty of extra room for tying a pretty bow.  We cut two ivory pieces of mohair, one tan and one bronze all to the same length. We liked how the color differentiation of the three shades of mohair, but you could also double up two colors, or use three or four strands f one shade of mohair.
no sew baby headbands

Step Three:

Start laying out your petals before you will glue them in place. The green petals could be folded or cut in half if you would like a more layered effect on the “leaves” in the back of your headband.
diy infant headbands

Step Four:

Continue arranging your flowers- add stamen flowers to the side and ruffled petals to the center- until you are satisfied with the arrangement. Secure each layer in place with hot glue.
diy flower headband tutorial baby headband measurements

Step Five:

Add a rhinestone button to the center of your flower to complete. If your button has a shank on the back you may need to snip it off with a jewelry to make fabric flower headbands for babiesTie in place with a pretty bow. These beautiful baby flower headbands are the perfect special touch for a newborn photo shoot- but don’t let that stop you from wearing this little gem out on an everyday basis! That is the beauty of making your own headbands- every day can be a bit more special with a lovely little flower hair accessory!



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