Back To School Photoshoot Ideas


 back to school photo shoot

Do you have a little on who is headed back to school- or is getting ready for their first day of school or preschool? Well, we know we won’t need to tell you to get those cameras ready! There are a wide variety of ways to document the nerves and excitement that go with the back to school season, so we are excited to share some of our favorite Back To School Photoshoot Ideas.  We have been gathering inspiration for documenting these precious moments for scholars both big and small. We are almost as excited as the ones who are headed back to school!

The morning where everyone is headed off to school is sure to be a hectic event. You won’t have time for lots of fancy posed pictures, but candid photos have an appeal of their own. Be sure to capture any little details that will help you remember this years down the road- the new school supplies packed into the new backpack, or the carefully chosen back to school outfit hung out and ready to wear. Even kisses on the way out the door or or meeting friends at the bus stop are the little details that you will treasure later!

Since back to school morning will be such a busy affair already, save the posed photos for the weekend before. This way you won’t feel rushed, and it can give everyone a chance to talk about and process the event in a fun way. Get the kids involved in the fun by creating school themed crafts that can be used as a homemade prop in your back to school photo shoot!

back to school photoshoot ideas
One of the easiest ways to define a photoshoot is to create a custom back to school garland. You could set the stage with a DIY ribbon tassel garland in your school colors, or have your little one hold up a message with a back to school DIY felt letter banner.
back to school ideas for parents
A few apples cut from felt, handmade apple ornaments or even some real apples can help set the scene! Other props that can be festive include your little scholars favorite books or school supplies. Our very favorite photo props were the handmade DIY back to school accessories. For our back to school mini top hat, we started with a mini top hat and added school themed elastic around the base, then topped with nagori hair feathers, adorable fabric flowers, and a real pencil that was sharpened to a tiny nub! We finished with alligator clips to keep the mini hate securely in place during all of our photo shoot activities!   Our little model even has a back to school hair tie on her wrist, in case it just got too warm out!
back to school photo shoot ideas
We also adapted our DIY suspenders to be made with our cute ruler elastic- although the adorable crayon elastic was a very close runner up! We adapted the tutorial slightly to make  Y suspenders for our little guy instead of criss-cross suspenders. The only step adaptation needed was to hook the second suspender to the back leg of the first elastic on step seven, so the two suspenders then shared a last leg.
back to school photo ideas
Once you have all of your props collected, have fun with it!
back to school gift ideas
You might even want to have a snack or refreshment handy in case your shoot runs long. No one wants cranky models!
back to school clothes ideas
Another way to indicate age or grade could be chalk. Write a fun back to school message on an embellished chalkboard, or use sidewalk chalk to draw on the ground or a flat wall! We hope these back to school photoshoot ideas inspired you to have a little bit of fun with this fall school season. How will you be making and preserving your families memories this year? Be sure to find us on facebook, instagram or twitter- we love to see the shots of your little ones in action!


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