Beaded Tassel Necklace Tutorial


wooden bead necklace with tasselIf you are looking for a hip bohemian accessory for fall, then no doubt you have started seeing chic tassel necklaces in lots of trendy shops. But there is no need to drop big bucks, when it is so easy to make your own! Simply follow the steps in our easy Beaded Tassel Necklace Tutorial and you are well on your way to a chic bohemian tassel necklace to rock this fall!

We love creating DIY accessories to cut down on costs, but we also prefer to DIY rather than buy because then we know that we are wearing a one of a kind look that no one else has. Even better than that, our necklace has been made perfectly to fit our style, from the bead choices to the color of the tassel. Even the length is custom- which is really important with long necklaces! If you are on the short or the tall side, a necklace that is somewhere in the middle might look too short or too long on you. When you make your own beaded tassel necklace you can be sure that the length is just right for you!

Supplies Needed to Make Your Own Beaded Tassel Necklace:

beaded tassel necklace supplies
Begin by finding a piece of cardboard slightly larger than you want your finished tassel (it will shrink a bit when you wrap and trim it- and you can always cut it even shorter if it is too long). We really liked the size of our ribbon storage cards for making tassels and decided to use those to wrap our mohair. They come with any elastic or yarn bundle, so we always seem to have a few extras on hand.
beaded tassel necklace
Continue to wrap until you are satisfied with the thickness of your tassel.
how to make a beaded tassel necklace beaded tassel necklace
Be sure to leave a bit of yarn leftover to tie and wrap the top of your tassel.
tassel necklace tutorial diy beaded tassel bracelet
Slide one piece of thread through your bundle and tie at one end. Leave the ends of the string from your knot long, they will become part of your tassel. Slide your scissors under your string and snip your tassel off your cardboard at the opposite end from where you tied your knot.
beaded tassel earrings
Once your thread is separated from the cardboard, decide how large you would like the top of your tassel to be.

wooden bead necklace with tassel how to make a beaded tassel necklace

Tie a knot where you would like the top of your tassel to end, and wrap around that point with your thread. You may choose to leave the top of your tassel rounded or wrap up towards the very top of your tassel to change the shape of your tassel.  You could also only wrap a small amount of thread at the very top to create a different style of tassel entirely. It is really up to you! Once you are happy with the shape of the top of your tassel, trim the ends into the desired shape for your tassel. This could be rounded or straight across, depending on which style of tassel you prefer.
beaded tassel necklace diy beaded tassel necklace tutorial
After your tassel is perfectly shaped, thread your nylon beading cord through the top of your tassel.
wooden bead necklace with tassel
Trim your beading cord to slightly longer than the length of your finished necklace (ours started at about 40 inches and we trimmed it to be closer to 30 inches when we were finished, but your finished length will really depend on where you want your necklace to hang).
how to make a beaded tassel necklace
With your tassel in the center of your nylon string, thread both ends of your beads through the large beads you have selected. This could be a single resin rose bead, a few matching resin rhinestone beads, as above, or a few alternating faux wood beads and woven beads, as below- or something entirely different if you like!
beaded tassel necklace tutorial
Once your large beads have been threaded on, separate your nylon threads and string your small beads onto each side separately. If you are planning a complicated pattern with alternating beads, you can arrange your beads on a flocked bead board in advance to help you plan your pattern and lay your beads out before you begin to string.
beaded tassel necklace diy
Once your beads have all been strung, finish your necklace by tying a secure knot in your beading thread, then feeding the ends of your thread back through the first three or four beads on either end of your knot. This will help your necklace stay knotted securely. If the thread is longer than the 4 or so beads that you have threaded it back into, you can trim off any excess.
wooden bead necklace with tassel beaded tassel necklace
Now that you have the basics of making a boho chic tassel necklace, you know how easy it can be to design and whip up your own custom stylish accessory! If you scaled this technique down, no doubt you could make adorable beaded tassel earrings- or scale it way up to make unique tassels for use in your home decor! Will you try your hand at our beaded tassel necklace tutorial?  Let us know in the comments below if you plan to try this technique or something else- we would love to hear from you!


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