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kids birthday ideasCupcakes, sprinkles, balloons, oh my! We are absolutely cuckoo about everything birthday, and have been happily celebrating our very own sixth birthday here at My Sunshine Shoppe! With all of the birthday buzz going on, we figured this would be the perfect time to share some of our very favorite Birthday Party Ideas & Essentials!  Whether you are looking for first birthday party ideas or are trying to figure out how to entertain a room full of tweens at your next birthday party, we have a few ideas for everyone!

Our favorite part about throwing a birthday party is always the personalized party touches that really show the personality of the guest of honor. Whether she is a princess and a lover of everything pink, or a tomboy who is obsessed with her favorite sports team- you can easily customize her birthday party to match her interests and make sure she has a great time!

If you have a brand new little one who is getting ready to turn one, you have no doubt heard of the cake smash photo shoot. Whether you are hiring a professional photographer or setting up a cake smash photo at home, the  accessories are really what make the photo shoot! Bloomers or an adorable tutu that matches the cake and the color scheme are a popular choice for setting the fextive mood of a cake smash photo shoot. We even offer themed dress up packs that take the guess work out of getting together the perfectly coordinated outfit! Snowflake princess and Dorothy gift packs are a fun option, or your little birthday gal can go head to toe in one color coordinated outfit!
Little girls aren’t the only ones who can get into the fun of matching accessories! We just love the boutique necklace and boutique tophat combos! Below is the Birthday Bash mini tophat and the matching Birthday Bash boutique necklace!
birthday party ideas for kids at home birthday party ideas

Don’t forget, if you or your little one enjoy a good DIY craft, all of our boutique necklaces are available as DIY necklace kits– and we have the DIY tophat kits to match!

birthday party ideas for kidschildren's birthday party ideas
If you have a goup of little creative girls coming to your party, you know they would all love to make their own necklaces or tophats! It is a fun and unique birthday party activity that doubles as a unique party favor for kids of any age! Along the same lines,  check out our past blog post if you would like to have the kids make and decorate their own party hats!

Another fun make and take activity that can double as a great party favor for girls is the DIY hair accessory stations, where adults can help younger girls make their own custom hair clips and headbands. What little girl wouldn’t love a headband bar for her birthday activity? Since our headband kits are available in a range of colors and themes, you are sure to find the perfect DIY kit for your birthday party activity!
children birthday party favors
f you are looking for a gift for a crafty girl on her birthday, you can’t go wrong with a birthstone hair accessory kit!  These can be assembled alone or with friends, and  are a gorgeous way for the birthday girl to flaunt her birth month in style!
birthday party ideas for kids

So who is your next birthday guest of honor? What kind of fun birthday festivities are you planning? We hope these birthday party ideas & essentials gave you a few ideas, but let us know what your plans are or if you have any questions in the comments below!



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