Braided Athletic Headband


braided athletic headbandsbraided athletic headbands We love our sporty girls at My Sunshine Shoppe! Whether they are playing in the big game, hitting the gym, or cheering from the sidelines, sometimes a girl just needs to keep her hair in place! So why not add a bit more flair to a sporty headband, by learning how to make your own Braided Athletic Headband!

We have an adorable selection of sports themed elastic that will work great for this project. If you need a bit of extra slip protection, we also have a silicone backed elastic that can be a solid color in your headband and add a bit more staying power! These headbands can be made to match a team uniform, with our wide variety of printed and solid colored fold over elastic.

Supplies Needed to Make a Braided Athletic Headband:

  • 3 colors of elastic, up to 24 inches long each- can be printed or solid, both look great
    (or get an assortment with a themed bundle! We used classic football. )
  • hot glue
  • scissors
  • lighter or candle to singe the ends of elastic

supplies to make sports headbands

Step One:

Measure 3 colors of elastic to be approximately 22-24 inches long, or slightly shorter if you are making a children’s braided headband. For an adult sized headband (which finishes at 18 inches long) 24 inches of elastic leaves just enough elastic for loose braiding and gluing. A children’s headband will be aproximately 15 or 16 inches when finished, so you can adjust the amount of elastic used accordingly. Keep in mind, you will need to leave a 1/2 inch allowance for gluing the overlapping ends.  If you have any questions or concerns about headband sizes, we have covered sizing of headbands more extensively in our blog post on headband measurements. Cut your lengths of elastic to size and singe the ends slightly to melt them and prevent fraying.

braided elastic headband

Step Two:

Glue all three ends together to begin braiding your DIY girl’s braided headband.

how to make braided headband

Step Three:

Continue braiding, keeping the elastic flat and loose. If you pull or twist the elastic it will not stretch or sit on the head properly.

how to make sports headband diy sports headband
diy sports headband diy athletic headband

Step Four:

Braid until you have reached your desired length. Since we were making an adult sized headband we will be trimming it to 18.5 inches, so we placed a dot of hot glue between each layer of elastic to secure the braid at 18 inches.
make a braided headband
Step Five:

Trim your braided elastics to size, then overlap the ends by 1/2 and inch and secure with hot glue.
make a braided headband braided headbands diy
Step Six:

Cut a 2 inch piece of elastic from a corresponding or nicely contrasting elastic. Singe the ends to prevent fraying. Line the small piece of elastic up with the seam on the front side of the headband first to make sure that the seam will be completely covered. Secure with glue on the top, then wrap it around to the back. Glue the elastic down, overlapping and trimming if necessary.

braided headbands diy braided headbands diy
In our retail store we taught a girls softball team to make this braided headband and they chose two solid colors of silicone backed elastic and one printed chevron in their team colors. They turned out great!
team braided headband

make your own pretty braided headbandThis braided athletic headband is just so fun and easy to wear and doesn’t have to be worn just for sports either – it can be worn for any occasion. It looks great paired with a ponytail to keep your hair out of your eyes while you hit the field, but it looks just as good over your hair if you are on the sidelines supporting your team by cheering them on! However you choose to wear your sporty headband, we hope you have fun! Now get out there and play!



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