Bunny Ear Hair Clips and Bunny Tail


It is finally spring here, and we could not be happier about it! Birds are chirping, flowers are blooming, and bunnies are jumping! Why not join in the fun with this easy DIY Easter bunny ear craft tutorial? We even have a bonus DIY bunny tail clip, if you really would like to get in the springy Easter bunny mood!

We love these for make-believe and dress up play, but also for Easter dresses and a fun addition to a girl’s spring outfit. They could even be a cute hair clip to add to an easter basket or hide in an egg! So let’s get hopping (sorry, couldn’t resist) on how to make your very own DIY bunny ear hair clips.

Supplies needed for Easter Hair Clip Craft:

    •  2 – 2 inch white felt circles (we used white 2 inch felt circles, but have a variety of fun bunny colors to choose from in our felt circles)
    • 2 smaller felt circles (we used 1.5 inch pink circles)
    • 1 marabou puff, cut into 2 small pieces (there will be some left over- one puff could easily make two sets of ears)
    • 2 small alligator clips
    • 1 chiffon puff for a fluffy bunny tail
    • 1 clip (for hair or clothing, depending on where you prefer to wear your tail. A brooch pin would work for this, but we chose a shoe clip for ease of wear)
    • hot glue and glue gun

Bunny Ear Craft DIY

Step 1:

Fold the large outer felt circle in half and cut into desired ear shape- starting wider at the base and coming to a point at the top)

white felt circle folded in half cute white felt t size

Step 2:

Unfold and repeat. To ensure that the ears are symmetrical you can use the first ear as the template for the second ear- just lay it on top and trace.

Shape f the outside of hair clips

Step 3:

Repeat steps one and two on a smaller scale with the small felt circles to create the inner shape of the bunny ear.

pink bunny ear fet Inside shape of bunny ears

Step 4:

Layer the ears and adhere with hot glue. Add another dot of glue to the base to secure the piece of marabou puff.

Felt Bunny Ear pieces Add Puff to Easter Bunny Ear

Step 5:

Add a small line of glue to the base of the ears and pinch the corners of the base together to make the ear shape. Once that is secure add an alligator clip with a dot of glue.

Clue Clip to the Back of CLip

Step 6:

If you are making a tail to complete your bunny look, simply adhere the clip to the back of the chiffon puff with hot glue.

Easter Bunny Tail with Hair Clip Adhere Clip to Cottontail

Step 7:

Fasten clips into hair and hop for joy!

Easter Bunny Ear Clip Easter Bunny Hair Clips

We think that these bunny hair clips would be adorable in a variety of spring colors, or maybe even brown ears if your inner Easter bunny is of the chocolate variety? Your DIY bunny ear craft is only limited by your imagination. Pair with one of our adorable baby or toddler Easter and Spring dresses to complete the overall look for your little girl.

Hoppy Spring, Everyone!


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