Button Bracelet Tutorial


If you are looking for a cheap DIY craft project, you have found the perfect one! This DIY button bracelet tutorial is not only an inexpensive project but it also makes a bold fashion statement. You can use old buttons you have lying around, mix and match, or buy brand new to go hand in hand with a specific look — no matter your choice this bracelet tutorial will fit all shapes and sizes! The stretchable button bracelet makes a wonderful accessory to any outfit and also makes for a wonderful gift. So whether you are looking for a unique birthday gift, graduation gift, or a Christmas gift, you can create this piece of button jewelry for any occasion.

Supplies needed:

DIY Button Bracelet Tutorial

Step 1

Wrap the 1/4 inch stretch elastic around your wrist, where you are planning on wearing the DIY button bracelet. You do not want to stretch the elastic tight as you do this but simply lay it loosely around. Cut the elastic with 1/2 extra overlap from the size of your wrist.

You may want to make a small, light mark on the elastic where the 1/2 inch extra starts so you know which part of the elastic is simply overlap and which part is the actual bracelet (needed for when you put the two ends together).

DIY Button Bracelet Tutorial DIY Button Bracelet Tutorial

Step 2

Lay your elastic flat on the table. Then, beside the elastic, layout your button pattern next to the elastic to determine how many buttons will be needed to fit around your wrist as well as what order the buttons will go. Feel free to make your design as simple or as complex as you want! We wanted to add some flare and depth, so we stacked our 13mm plastic buttons on top of our  18mm buttons of each other to achieve this. The beauty of this DIY button bracelet is that you can make your very own one-of-a-kind bracelet however you’d like! At the time when you will be placing these onto the elastic, they will overlap a little so make sure to keep this in mind as you layout the amount of buttons needed.

DIY Button Bracelet Tutorial

Step 3

Sew, or hot glue, the two ends together, along the excess elastic, to form the circular bracelet.

DIY Button Bracelet Tutorial DIY Button Bracelet Tutorial

Step 4

Starting at the overlapped portion, you can begin adhering the buttons to the elastic. Do this using either a needle and thread to secure each button, or simply use a dab of hot glue to attach the button to the elastic. Using thread can sometimes be a great bonus because you can use a fun color to add an extra pop to your DIY bracelet!

DIY Button Bracelet Tutorial DIY Button Bracelet Tutorial

Repeat this step to add the buttons onto the elastic strand until you have covered the entire piece of elastic. Make sure to overlap each button just a hair so that the elastic will not show through when the final bracelet lays on your wrist.

Stretchable Button Bracelet Stretchable Button Bracelet

We hope you have enjoyed this simple DIY button bracelet tutorial. We have such a variety of both plastic AND metal rhinestone buttons at My Sunshine Shoppe to choose from that the combinations of colors, styles, and sizes are endless. And during our Christmas in July promotion, use the code BUTTON20 at the time of checkout to redeem a 20% discount on all Plastic Acrylic Buttons, Metal Rhinestone Buttons AND Hair Bow sliders starting at 12:00am on July 9th for one week only! This code expires July 15th, 2014 at 11:59pm CST.

Button bracelet making is so much fun and so easy to do, that you could create several different looks in just minutes. Try our more festive buttons or themed plastic buttons for an extra girly look or for a special event bracelet!


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