Candy Corn Hair Clip


With our grosgrain ribbon being 40% off right now and Halloween fast approaching, we have decided to show you how to quickly make a candy corn hair clip. This DIY candy corn hair accessory tutorial takes just minutes to complete and results in an adorable hair clip idea, perfect for any baby, toddler, or little one. With just four inexpensive products and a bit of hot glue, you can make a festive clip to wear for a school Halloween costume party, while trick-or-treating, or just around town in the month of October to add something extra special to your outfit.

Supplies needed:

Candy Corn Hair Clip

Step 1

Wrap the white 7/8th inch ribbon so that it comes to a point. You will be overlapping one end of the ribbon over the other to create a closed tip. You may want to use a 60 degree triangle template, simply cut out of paper as shown below, to get the exact point wanted, but you do not have to. The paper, if used, is just to act as a guide.

Candy Corn Hair Clip

Step 2

Hot glue the two layers of overlapping ribbon together. Gently press together to secure. Then you may remove the paper template, if it was used.

Candy Corn Hair Clip Candy Corn Hair Clip

Step 3

Line up the orange grosgrain ribbon to the ‘bottom’ of the white triangle edge. Add a line of hot glue and gently secure the orange 3/8th inch ribbon onto the white ribbon. Fold the orange ribbon over on the back side of the candy corn. Hot glue the ribbon down on the back.

Candy Corn Hair Clip Candy Corn Hair ClipCandy Corn Hair Clip Candy Corn Hair Clip

Step 4

Line up the golden ribbon below the orange and add another line of hot glue. Quickly lay the golden ribbon down on the glue matching up the seams of the ribbon. Again, as done with the orange ribbon, fold the golden ribbon on the back side of the candy corn and hot glue it down.

Candy Corn Hair Clip Candy Corn Hair Clip DIY Candy Corn Hair Clip DIY Candy Corn Hair Clip

Step 5

Cut off all excess ribbon, following the bottom edge of the golden grosgrain, to result in a triangular candy corn. Using a lighter, or another heat source, lightly singe and seal the ends of the cut ribbon so that it will not fray.

DIY Candy Corn Hair Clip DIY Candy Corn Hair Clip

Step 6

Add a dab of hot glue to the middle of your lined alligator clip and place the candy corn triangle onto the clip to complete your DIY candy corn hair accessory!

DIY Candy Corn Hair Clip DIY Candy Corn Hair Clip

DIY Candy Corn Hair ClipAdd this festive candy corn hair clip to a spooky costume or wear with a tutu and matching Halloween legwarmers for a great look this holiday. Imagine you or your daughter rocking this candy corn hair accessory this fall for all to see! It is a great DIY project for you to make, sitting around the table, with your child or to quickly make on your own time. Instead of hot gluing the candy corn to an alligator clip, you could also add the candy corn to a pin to create a brooch, to a Halloween-inspired headband, to a barrette, or even to a witch’s hat! There are so many options with this little DIY candy corn idea to create a BIG long-lasting impact with any outfit, no matter the Halloween occasion. Buy your supplies now, while grosgrain is still on sale – through September 24th, 2014.


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