Christmas Bow Hair Clip


With Christmas coming up on us all too soon, we thought we better share a simple and easy tutorial showing you how to make a DIY Christmas hair bow. Not only will this ribbon hair bow idea look adorable on any little one during the holidays, but you can use it on the outside of a Christmas present as well. That way, you can spruce up the outside packaging with a DIY bow that also acts as a hair accessory. What better way is there to decorate a little girl’s holiday present than with a bow that she can keep in her hair once she is done opening her gift?!

DIY Christmas Bow Hair Clip

Supplies needed:

DIY Christmas Bow Hair Clip

Step 1:

Take your grosgrain ribbon and cut it down into three strips at 6 inches each and one strip into a 3 inch piece. Then, if you wish, lightly singe the ends of the ribbon with a lighter, or a candle, to secure the cut ends so that they will not fray.

Step 2:

Take one of the 6 inch ribbon strips and form a figure 8. Make sure both loops on the figure-8 look the same (both points up, or both points down). If necessary, slightly wiggle the ribbon loops so that both loops look the same, in terms of size and shape. Then secure the ribbon with dabs of hot glue. You will need to secure the two ends of the grosgrain ribbon together. You may also need to add a dab of glue between the ‘x’ in the center of the figure-8 where the two loops cross.

DIY Christmas Bow Hair Clip DIY Christmas Bow Hair Clip
DIY Christmas Bow Hair Clip DIY Christmas Bow Hair Clip

Step 3:

Repeat step 2 for the next two 6 inch ribbon strands and then layer them together to form a 6-point star, or bow, shape. Glue them together.

DIY Christmas Bow Hair Clip DIY Christmas Bow Hair Clip

Step 4:

Take the 3 inch piece of ribbon and, overlapping the ends, glue it into a circle. Then add a small amount of hot glue into the center of the bow and place quickly secure the loop on top.

DIY Christmas Bow Hair Clip DIY Christmas Bow Hair Clip
DIY Christmas Bow Hair Clip DIY Christmas Bow Hair Clip

Step 5:

Add a line of hot glue down the center of the alligator clip and place the bow onto the hair clip. Gently press down to secure the two pieces together.

DIY Christmas Bow Hair Clip DIY Christmas Bow Hair Clip

That is it! You have now made a DIY Christmas bow hair clip! There are so many different ways to create this hair bow accessory. Mix and match colors of ribbons, and alligator clips to create your own one-of-a-kind look or place a beautiful metal rhinestone embellishment in the center, instead of the last loop made out of ribbon. You can also create this Christmas present bow in a smaller size by using 3/8th inch grosgrain ribbon. The only difference is that, since the ribbon is skinnier, the strips you cut will need to be shorter so that the look of the bow remains tight and secure. We recommend cutting the three strips to 4 inches and the one strip to 2 inches when creating the smaller, skinnier present hair bows. Depending on the color you pick to make your bow – you can also use these fun creations outside of the holiday season. Feel free to use them for birthday party wrapping, baby shower bows, and any other party that could use both a gift bow and a hair clip at the same time! We hope you have enjoyed this Christmas bow tutorial and we wish you a very happy holidays!


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  1. Adorable! I love that the bow can top a gift, as well… how much nicer-looking than the ones you can pick up in a card store! xoxo

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