Christmas Mason Jar Craft Ideas


If you are looking for a fun, quick holiday craft project that takes just minutes, then you have found a perfect Christmas craft blog for mason jar craft ideas. This post will feature mason jars as our main supply product embellished with My Sunshine Shoppe’s fun accessories! Mason jars are so versatile, why not use them for the holidays too!? Use them to hold dry recipe ingredients to give as a gift this holiday season, to make into lights to hang around the house, or to decorate with your children.

Supplies needed:

For the second jar:

Step 1

Fill the mason jar up with your beads, one color at a time or mixed – it is up to you! If you chose to use three colors, each color should go approximately 1/3 of the way up the jar.

Craft Christmas Mason Jar Craft Christmas Mason Jar

Step 2

Place the tea light candle, or a safer electronic candle, in the top and position some of the beads around it so that the base of the candle is covered but the wick or flame is still exposed. This will not only help to secure the candle in place but allow the light to dance off of the rhinestone beads.

Craft Christmas Mason Jar

Step 3

Tie your printed elastic around the opening of the jar to add a beautiful Christmas bow to your holiday candle holder.

Craft Christmas Mason Jar Craft Christmas Mason Jar

Make one or make three – these holiday mason jar crafts look amazing on door steps or by a fireplace in the wintertime. They also make unique and inexpensive mason jar gifts to give to a friend or teacher during the holidays. Tie a little gift tag on or a recipe tag on the side to add another element of flare.

Christmas Mason Jar Craft Christmas Mason Jar Craft

The second mason jar craft above was made using white woven beads, simple buttons to act as coal, and about 20 inches of glitter elastic to create a long scarf resulting in a fun snowman-looking mason jar! You could make a similar Santa jar, Reindeer jar, or snowflake jar with a little imagination and simple color changes. A Santa jar would look adorable decorated with bold, black glitter elastic and a rhinestone rectangle hair slider around the base to act as a belt with smaller buttons as Santa coat buttons.

In a past blog post, we have also made a mason jar into a DIY shabby chic lamp! You could easily change out the color of shabby flowers, feathers, and pearls used to make a festive Christmas mason jar light or simply take one of the mason jars created above and just add a mason jar light kit too it with a fun embellished lamp shade!

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