Collar Necklace Tutorial


Collar Necklace Tutorial

Are you looking for a way to freshen up your wardrobe without breaking the bank? Our collar necklace tutorial will do just that! This is the perfect project to add a bit of sparkle  that can both elevate outfit, and add a bit of fun! It doesn’t hurt that this project is so simple and easy to whip up that you could make a few in a range of colors to accompany a variety of outfits. We have even included a collar template for your necklace, to make it that much easier to make your very own chic but adorable accessory.

This peter pan collar necklace is a double home run in our opinion, since it uses two sparkly materials that will not lose any of their sparkle! Nothing takes the fun out of a glittery accessory as quickly as noticing that you are shedding sparkles everywhere- and our glitter elastic, glitter ribbon, and diamond mesh are all produced in a way that eliminates the potential for mess! So you can craft with confidence, knowing your collar necklace will look fabulous!
Supplies Needed:

Collar Necklace template

Step One:

The first thing to decide is how large you want your collar necklace to be. We measured the circumference of our neck than added a bit more so that the collar would have a comfortable hang. This will be the length of your necklace, with appropriately 8 inches of ribbon added to either side to tie your bow.

Next print our Peter Pan Collar Template and cut from the paper. It will print to be about five inches long, but you may wish to change the size or shape slightly, depending on your desired style. Once you are happy with the size and shape of your collar template, use a few loops of tape to secure your collar template to the back of the diamond mesh. You won’t be able to see any marks made by tracing the template, so we just cut around the outside.

Collar Necklace template

Step Two:

Once you have cut your first collar piece, flip your template to the reverse side and tape to the back of the diamond mesh. This way you will cut out a mirror image of your first collar piece.

Peter Pan Collar Necklace template

Step Three:

At this point, if you subtract the length of the top of your collar pieces from your total neck measurement you will be left with the number of inches that the length of ribbon along the back of your neck will be. We fastened this  length of ribbon to the ends of the collar with clothespins. That way, we could drape everything around our neck and make sure everything looked correct, in case we needed to make adjustments before gluing.

Collar Necklace How To

Step Four:

Starting next to the clothespin, begin to secure the ribbon to the edge of the collar with glue. We noticed that it was easiest to only glue a small portion at a time, so that it was easier to follow the curve of the collar pieces. Hot glue worked really well for this.

Collar Necklace DIY

Step Five (optional):

We decided to finish the back of our piece with a grosgrain ribbon. This made the entire necklace feel very secure and clean, but if your pieces feel secure without the backing feel free to skip this step. We used a scrap of red ribbon since it wouldn’t show, but you could use a matching ribbon so that it would look even more pulled together. Another option would be to line the entire ribbon with a contrasting color so that the back of your bow and ribbons had a small peep of a color pop.

Peter Pan Collar Necklace Tutorial

Step Six:

Tie a bow and admire your handiwork!

Peter Pan Collar Necklace DIY Collar Necklace DIY

We love pairing our peter pan collar with sweaters, t-shirts, dresses- anything can be improved with a little bit of sparkle! We can even picture these in a white and silver color palette being great as flower girl or bridesmaid accessories in a quirky or casual wedding.  This collar necklace tutorial is wide open to be personalized and made your own for any occasion!


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