DIY Baby Tutu Mobile


Do you want to decorate your newborn baby’s nursery with your own homemade touches?! This DIY baby tulle tutu mobile is a super inexpensive, quick, and easy craft project to give your baby’s nursery a beautiful and creative mobile to hang above their crib. As your little one grows into a toddler, you can choose to gift it to someone else in need of a baby crib mobile, or continue to use it, as they grow, as a princess tutu chandelier! Follow along with us to find out how to make this adorable tulle tutu mobile!

Supplies needed:

 Step 1:

Cut your tulle into 14-15 inch strips. Start with 60 pieces, in a variety of the colors of tulle you chose, as you can always cut more if needed. An easy way to do cut the tulle so that each piece is the same is to take a piece of cardboard, that’s the size you’d like, and wrap the tulle around the cardboard. Then slip your scissors underneath the inner layer of tulle and cut through each end across the board. You do not have to cut your strips this way, but it is much quicker than measuring out and cutting each one individually.

DIY Tulle Tutu Baby Mobile DIY Tulle Tutu Baby Mobile

Step 2:

Tie your tulle strips around your wreath. Knot each piece of your tulle onto the DIY baby mobile. Continue to tie these pieces on until you have filled up the wreath as full or spaced out as you like.  You may tie on many or just a few depending on your taste. I tied all the white on first and then slipped the hot pink and pink tulle between each piece of white. You could also tie each color on one by one (white, pink, hot pink, repeat) in a row so that no other tulle would be in your way as you fill your tulle chandelier in.

DIY Tulle Tutu Baby Mobile DIY Tulle Tutu Baby Mobile
DIY Tulle Tutu Baby Mobile DIY Tulle Nursery Mobile

Step 3:

String up your hanging beads onto your thread. There are many ways to do this. One way is to simply tie a large knot in the end of your thread, add a spacer bead, and then add the larger beads on top. Another way is to add one or two crimp beads to the end of your string, then your spacer bead, and then follow up with the rest of your beads you would like on each mobile string. I decided that six mobile strings hanging from the tulle chandelier was enough, but you can certainly add more or less if you would like!

DIY Tulle Nursery Mobile DIY Tulle Nursery Mobile

Step 4:

Tie your hanging beads onto your wreath base. Loop your string all the way around the diameter of the wreath, or simply slip the thread through one of your tulle knots and tie it on there. Just make sure to double, triple or quadruple knot it as you do not want these beads coming loose in baby’s crib!

DIY Tutu Chandelier

Step 5:

Taking one or two pieces of remaining tulle, approximately a two foot piece, and tie them around the wreath. Be sure to tie each end directly on the opposite side of one another. This is to make sure that your DIY baby tutu tulle mobile will hang straight and level above your little one’s nursery crib.

DIY Tutu Chandelier DIY Tutu Chandelier

Now that you are done crafting this one-of-a-kind DIY tutu tulle crib mobile it is time to hang your homemade creation over your baby’s crib!  As you can see, there are various lengths you can cut your thread at to achieve different looks and feels… make them all shorter or all longer for completely different looks. You can also choose to have more/less colors, flowers even, or more/less beads per string, all of these options will make your baby tutu chandelier unique. The combinations and possibilities are nearly endless! These DIY tulle nursery mobiles are the perfect addition to any nursery… whether you keep it for yourself or give it as a gift for an expecting parent at a baby shower! Head over to My Sunshine Shoppe now to see all the combinations you could make with our wholesale tulle and bead supply!


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