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 jewelry making beading for beginners Whether you are an experienced jewelry maker or are just dipping your toe into the “make your own jewelry” world, it can always be fun to gather a few new jewelry making ideas. We have put together a simple enough beading project for beginners, but we think it is fun and fresh that anyone might enjoy giving this DIY Beaded Necklace a try!

We kept our color palette in a range of aqua, white and silver today, but your choice of beads and flower (or flowers!) depends entirely on your taste. A necklace of blush and ivory could be worn with a classy dressed up putfit, while a black and gold look might be just the thing you need for a night on the town! Whatever your personal style choice, you are sure to find it with our wide selection of beading supplies and fabric flowers.

Supplies Needed to Make Your Own Beaded Necklace:

 beading projects for beginners
Step One:
Begin by laying out the beads that you will be using for your necklace. By using the grooves of the jewelry bead board, this will allow you to plan the order that you would like the beads to be placed in your necklace.  It has the additional benefit of preventing the beads from rolling everywhere, while also showing you how long your finished necklace will be.  As you can tell, we decided that we want our necklace to start as one row of beads and break out into 3 rows of smaller beads.
diy bead necklace
Step Two:
Once you have decided on the order of your beads, cut as many lengths of beading wire as our largest number of strands  (we threaded three, though if you choose to use even smaller beads you may wish to use even more strands of beads).  You will want to leave yourself a little bit of extra room for beading and finishing, so do not cut your strands too short.  Thread your strands through 2 crimp brads and one end of a toggle clasp, then back through the original crimp beads. Leaving a small piece of cord to thread through your beads, tighten the crimp beads and clamp in place with a small pliers or jewelry crimp.
diy bead necklace ideas  diy bead necklace designs
Step Three:
Next, begin to bead. Since the beginning of our necklace was single beads, we threaded each bead onto all three strands at once. We were able to pinch all three ends together while threading the beads, but if you are having trouble threading the beads you could try using a small piece of tape to hold the ends together, or even a beading needle.
bead necklace projectStep Four:
Once your first few beads have been threaded, be sure to tuck the end of your bead cord back into the first few beads to keep it in place. If you are splitting your necklace into multiple threads of beads, you can keep the separate beads secure with a small piece of tape over the ends of the threads that you aren’t working on at the moment.
bead necklace craft how to make chunky beaded necklaces
Step Five:
When you are ready to add your fabric flower to your necklace, flip it over and use hot glue to secure your bead in place. If you want the option of changing our your flower later or wearing your necklace without the flower, you could substitute a brooch pin for your bead.  Once your bead or pin is in place, thread all of your beading cords through the opening in your bead or brooch. Continue to bead until all of your beads are in place. diy bead necklace ideas
Step Six:
Once your beads are all in place you will finish your necklace similar to how it began. Thread 2 crimp beads onto your cords, then the other half of your toggle clasp. Once you have pulled it tight enough the the beads have a tiny bit of wiggle room (not so much that they slide around and gap) you can trim the tail of your beading cords, then tuck them away back in the last few beads. Clamp the crimp beads closed to secure.
diy bead necklace designs
Another way to alter the look of this necklace is to finish it by tying the beading cord to a pretty ribbon. That way you can have the delicate look of a beaded necklace with the adjustable ease of a tie on necklace! The lace and sparkle flower that we used on our necklace came complete with its own beautiful embellishments, but if you fall in love with the look of another flower you could always finish it off with your own rhinestone buttons or embellishments!  Even beautiful metal sliders can become the elegant center of a fabric flower by simply snipping off the shank on the back with a wire snip or jewelry cutter before gluing it in place.
diy  beaded necklace
Hopefully this DIY Beaded Necklace tutorial has inspired your to create a custom accessory for yourself or someone else.  There is something so gratifying over having creative control over an accessory from beginning to end . You picked the color and style of your beads and the flower to bring together this beaded necklace idea into a beaded craft project that was entirely your own and represented your personal taste! Where will you show off your handmade beading project?




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