DIY Bottle Cap Craft Idea


bottle cap craft tutorialWe absolutely love how diverse some craft supplies are! There seem to be and endless number of uses for felt circles,  bottlecaps, and flat back pearls- and today we will be combining all 3 with our newest DIY Bottle Cap Craft Idea. 

Bottle caps are often used in combination with our clear epoxy dots to create a jewelry pendant or magnet with an image inside, but today we wanted to shake things up a little and use our flattened bottle caps as the base for a completely different style of bottle cap craft- starring some of our favorite crafting staples!

Supplies Needed to Make Your Own Bottle Cap Crafts:

  • flattened bottle caps
  • tiny (4mm)  flat back pearls  in the colors of your pie filling- another option would be bulk pony beads
  • pie crust colored felt circles- we used tan, but only you know what kind of pie you are making, so the color of felt circle is up to you! We used 1 inch felt circles as the base and 3.25 inch felt circles for our lattice strips on top- it just gave us a bit more wiggle room to work with.
  • a magnet,  jewelry glue pad bail or jewelry pinch bail, depending on how you plan to finish your bottlecap
  • a clear drying glue or glaze to hold your crust and filling in place (slightly thinned white glue works fine if you don’t have a special crafting glue you prefer)  as well as a heavy duty glue for attaching a magnet or necklace bail (a glue intended for nonporous surfaces, such as E6000)

bottle cap craft ideas
Step One:
Glue one of your one inch felt circles to the bottom of your flattened bottle caps. This will be the base of your adorable mini bottlecap pie!

bottle cap necklace craft
Step Two:
Add a bit more glue to your base layer, then fill the bottle cap with a layer of your flat back pearl “pie filling”.  We didn’t mind a few bottoms of the pearls showing- it almost looks like sliced fruit! You could experiment a bit though to see what you like best. Maybe the entirely round pony beads are more the pie filling for you? Maybe you want to add a few colors of each for a mixed berry pie! It is up to you! Once your beads are in place, gently pour even more glue over the top. When it dries clear, this will give it a glossy “pie filling” look.
crafting with bottle caps
Step Three:
Once your filling is in place, you can add your lattice crust. Simply cut a few skinny strips of a felt circle and lay them gently over your filling. Press them into place and let them dry.
things to do with bottle caps
Once your glue is dry, trim offf your excess “crust”.
make bottle cap necklace
Finish your cute little bottle caps in a way that will help you show them off! We love adding a jewelry bail to our bottle caps to make them into bottle cap necklace pendants- and who doesn’t want to wear a mini pie close to their heart? You could also add a magnet to the back, or even use your bottle cap as the center for a fabric flower or as an embellishment on another craft or accessory.
diy bottle cap crafts bottle cap necklace diy
So what do you think? Will you be trying your hand at a DIY bottle cap craft idea? If so, let us know below! We would love to hear what you think, and if you give this or another of our crafts a try find us on social media and show us what you are up to!


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