DIY Bottle Cap Snowman


Christmas is just around the corner and we thought what better way to gear up for the holiday, then to make a DIY snowman ornament that you can make alongside your children. This simple tutorial is such a fun way to gather the family around the kitchen table for arts and crafts time. The best part? You only need a few supplies and you end up making an adorable DIY bottle cap snowman that you can hang on your Christmas tree! Each child may need a bit of help with the hot gluing, but they will be able to pick their own ribbon color(s), button color, and draw on their own snowman to create their own unique homemade holiday ornament. Mix and match all of these different things to create your one-of-a-kind bottle cap snowman.

Supplies needed:

DIY Bottlecap Snowman Ornament

 Step 1:

Line up the three bottle caps so that they are in a straight line and are touching one another. Then, add a line of hot glue from one end of your ribbon through the length of the three bottle caps. Quickly place it from one end of the bottle caps through to the other. This white grosgrain ribbon will act as a binding agent to keep all three caps in line and connected to one another, acting as the snowman’s body.

DIY Bottlecap Snowman Ornament DIY Bottlecap Snowman Ornament

Step 2:

Add a small dab of hot glue to the open end of the white ribbon and loop the excess ribbon around to create a loop to hang your snowman ornament from. Gently press down to secure the ribbon loop.

DIY Bottlecap Snowman Ornament DIY Bottlecap Snowman Ornament

 Step 3:

Using your markers, draw any additional items you would like your DIY snowman to have. Make sure to include a face! We used black to make the snowman’s eyes, mouth, and buttons look like chunks of coal. We also used an orange marker to create his carrot nose. Be as creative, as you would like in this step, to make your snowman have a unique look.

DIY Bottlecap Snowman Ornament DIY Bottlecap Snowman Ornament

 Step 4:

Tie your other ribbon around your snowman’s ‘neck’, between the first two bottle caps, so that he will have a scarf. Make sure it is secure, but do not tie it too tight as the bottle cap body will not lay flat then. If necessary, trim the ribbon scarf down to size. Then, you may want to lightly singe the ends of the ribbon to prevent them from fraying in the future. This only requires a little bit of heat, so be careful as you do not want to burn the ribbon or melt your snowman ;). Then, as a finishing touch, add a bit of hot glue to your plastic button and place it on top of the scarf knot.

DIY Bottlecap Snowman Ornament DIY Bottlecap Snowman Ornament
DIY Bottlecap Snowman Ornament DIY Bottlecap Snowman Ornament

Now that your DIY bottle cap snowman ornament is complete, all that is left to do is hang it in your Christmas tree! We hung it on our holiday tree, right beside our other DIY Santa ornament idea. If you want to find out how to make this creative ornament, which is also kid friendly, be sure to continue on to the DIY tutorial, here in our blog.

DIY Bottlecap Snowman Ornament DIY Bottlecap Snowman Ornament

You may choose to add other embellishments to your snowman such as toothpicks or small sticks for arms, a cut out black felt circle or scrap piece of paper as a top hat, use yarn or twine instead of ribbon for his scarf, or use a glue stick and go around the rims of the bottle caps and add some glitter, all of which will result in an adorable homemade ornament for you to enjoy for years to come. This DIY bottle cap snowman ornament idea can also result in a cute gift to give this holiday – give to grandparents, a family friend, a neighbor, or another special family member. You could also choose to leave off the ribbon loop on the top, and instead add a partially lined alligator clip to the back to use this inexpensive bottle cap snowman as a cute holiday hair clip! Whatever you choose to use it for, we hope you have a very happy and safe holiday season.


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