DIY Bow Bracelet


Therbow bracelet tutoriale is just something so playful and fun about adding a bow tie accessory to any outfit. It can instantly boost your mood and make your day extra special! If you have ever priced out bow tie bangles you know they can put a serious dent in your accessory budget, so we knew that a DIY Bow Bracelet was in our future! In fact, they were so fun to make it was hard to stop at just one!

We have such a wide variety of fabric bow ties and beautiful beads that the hardest part of this craft really might be narrowing down your choices! Once you have settled on a color scheme for your bow bracelet, everything else just falls into place. Aside from a few delicate knots and using hot glue to secure the fabric bow to a spacer bead , this project is extremely easy, and could easily be completed by a child with adult supervision.

Materials Needed To Make Your Own Bow Bracelet:

Step One:
Once you have chosen your beads, arrange them on your beads and fabric bow on your jewelry board. This will help the beads stay in place and not roll all over your workstation, but will also help you visualize how you would like your bow bracelet to look once it is completed. As you can see we decided to go for an asymmetrical jewelry style and added a sparkle bead to our bracelet. You might want to experiment with how your bracelet looks with spacer beads, alternating colors, or even multiple rows of beads. Now is the time to let your imagination go wild!
how to make bow bracelet
Step Two:
Once you have decided on the order of your beads, thread your nylon beading thread onto one end of a jewelry clasp, adding two crimp beads as well. Leave enough of a tail to thread  back through your crimp beads and at least one of the beads of your bracelet. Flatten the crimp beads with a jewelry piers. Test that the acrylic thread has been securely held in place by tugging on the ends- pinch more with your pliers if necessary.
 bow tie braceletbow bracelet diy
Step Three:
Begin threading your beads from one end of your jewelry board. Be sure to tuck the tail of your nylon thread into the first bead or two to hide it. Keep threading until you get to the spot in your bracelet that your bow will go. This is where you will add your flat “spacer” bead.
bow bangle bracelet
Step Four:
Use hot glue to attach your fabric bow to the spacer bead. Once the bow has been securely placed, continue to thread your beads as you have arranged them on the jewelry board.
 jewelry large bow bangle bow bracelet how to
Step Five:
When you have reached the end of your beads, thread two more crimp beads onto your nylon thread.  Thread the other end of your toggle clasp, and thread the end of your nylon string back through your crimp beads. Leave enough space on the cord for the beads to slide a bit as you wrap the bracelet around your wrist, but do not make it so loose that you can see a lot of the thread between beads. Once you are happy with the position of the beads on your string, use your jewelry tool to clamp the crimp beads in place. Again, tug gently on the cord to be sure it is secure before you trim the end of your cord.
how to make bow braceletbow accessory diy
Finish your bracelet by threading the end of the nylon cord back into the last bead to hide the end.
diy bow bracelet for kids
Now that you have the basics of bracelet making down, nothing can stop you!
diamond bow bracelet jewelry large bow bangle
Handmade jewelry is fun to give as a gift or keep for yourself. With such a wide variety of beads and fabric bows it is possible to make the prefect bracelet for any style! What will you pair with your DIY Bow Bracelet? We would love to hear from you!



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