DIY Bow Hair Clip Set


bow hair clip tutorialWith Christmas coming up, we have started to think about what small little DIY stocking stuffers we can make to bring some cuteness and joy to our christmas morning. We are always suckers for DIY hairties  or handmade earrings as stocking stuffers for little girls, but we wanted to up the cute and easy gift factor even more- and this DIY Bow Hair Clip Set fits the bill perfectly!

We started with our lined alligator clips to save a step, but if you have grosgrain ribbon and alligator clips or baby snap clips you could also line your own clips with our clip lining tutorial! We love being able to customize everything about the gifts we give, and these hair clips are customizable from the color of the ribbon to the style of the bow or embellishment! These hair clip bows are sure to bring a smile to any little girls face, for any occasion!

Supplies Needed to make your own DIY Bow Hair Clip Set:

diy bow hair clip supplies

Step One:
If you are lining your own clips, select your ribbon colors and follow the instructions on our clip lining tutorial.If you are using clips that have already been partially lined, be sure to singe any exposed ends to prevent unraveling.
hair clip bow tutorial
Step Two:
If you are using alligator clips, be sure to line them with silly grip to keep your hair clips from slipping. We even have a blog tutorial that goes further in depth on lining alligator clips with silly grip.
how to make a hair clip bow
Step Three:
Using hot glue, secure your bow or embellishment in place. Be sure to inspect your bows for any excess strands and singe them off before you glue them in place. easy hair clip with bow

Everything is cuter in multiples, so repeat until you have enough clips to make a cute little set!

boutique hair bow tutorial
These hair clip sets look cute in little gift bags or boxes, but you can also clip your homemade hair clips to a little card or photo and they will look just as cute!
bow hair clip set

The more, the merrier!
bow hair clip set
As a little bonus, we also made some alligator clips with our new favorite flower, the rolled felt roses!
diy hair clip set
How adorable and festive are those hair clips! They even look great on baby snap clips! If you are short on time or not in the mood to DIY, we have a selection of premade baby snap clips and boutique hair clips for sale as well.

We think that one DIY Bow Hair Clip Set would bring a smile to any little girls face, no matter the occasion. What do you think? Will you be trying your hand at making som hair clips? Let us know what you think in the comments below, we would love to hear back from you!


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