DIY Button Hair Clip


Hair clips are such a wonderful way to easily dress up any hair style, whether it be on a baby, a pre-teen, or on an adult. Keep those wispy hairs away from a toddlers face by simply placing a hair clip in their hair, or place in your daughter’s hair for her first day of school to create an extra special look. This button hair clip tutorial will show you an inexpensive way how to make an absolutely adorable flower hair clip in just a couple minutes. Create this flower button clip with spare buttons you have laying around, or purchase them for a specific color combination – only 9 embellishments are used along side a partially lined alligator clip to make this unique DIY hair accessory idea.

DIY Button Flower Hair Clip

Supplies needed:

DIY Button Flower Hair Clip

Step 1

Using small amounts of hot glue stack all three buttons, that you are not using as the ‘petals’, on top of each other. The largest 25mm button will be on the bottom, followed by the 18mm button and then the flat back rhinestone on the very top as a sparkly flower center accent.

 DIY Button Flower Hair Clip DIY Button Flower Hair Clip DIY Button Flower Hair Clip

Step 2

Place the other six remaining buttons around, on the back side, of the large yellow button flower center. You may need to lay these out first, to see approximately how they will fit when glued onto the central button. (I found that hanging the buttons off so that two of the four button holes were off, or not touching the main button, worked almost perfectly for fitting all 6 around without any gaps or overlap.)

 DIY Button Flower Hair Clip DIY Button Flower Hair Clip DIY Button Flower Hair Clip

Step 3

Add a line of hot glue to the top of your alligator clip and quickly place your completed button flower onto the clip. Gently press down to make sure that the button flower is secure against the alligator clip.

DIY Button Flower Hair Clip DIY Button Flower Hair Clip 

DIY Button Flower Hair ClipYou have completed your DIY flower hair clip! Such simple steps to create a bright, fun hair accessory. Mix and match sizes and colors of buttons, alligator clips, rhinestones, etc to create endless combinations of these inexpensive button hair clips. Imagine how cute this would look on your little girl for a special event like her first day of school, a school holiday party, a birthday, spring Easter outfit, or just for an everyday outing. Have her help pick out her favorite color of buttons to use in the flower clip to make one specifically for her, or make one for her AND her best friend so they have matching flower hair clips! Or instead of placing your button flower on a partially lined alligator clip, add to a DIY bobby pin or even a printed fold over elastic instead to create a cute flower button headband! These DIY button flower hair accessories also can make a great gift for a newborn at a baby shower, or as a birthday party favor for all of your daughter’s friends. Go ahead and get to creating your own fun hair clips!


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