DIY Christmas Decoration Ideas


diy christmas decorations ideasHow do you like to decorate for the holidays? Do you go with a classic red, white and green theme? Or do you go with a more pop art pink, white and gold color combo? No matter how you decide to decorate your home for the holidays, handmade decorations are always a nice way to brighten a room!  So check out our DIY Christmas Decorations Ideas and see if there is any last minute holiday cheer you need to add to your tabletop or mantle!

No matter what color scheme you choose, this is a great project to really express your creativity! Start with a plain paper cone and add anything you want! Make your tree as realistic or as cartoonish as you would like! This is a great Christmas craft to do with kids- and since the cones are hollow but rigid from the glue, they stack great to store for next year! After adding felt “branches” to our tree, we even realized that the felt “ornaments” stuck without any glue- which made a really fun interactive tree that could be decorated and redecorated as many times as we wanted! How fun is that?

Supplies Needed to Make Your Own DIY Christmas Decorations:

To begin, trim your paper into a semi circle to be wrapped in a cone. It does not need to be perfect- once you glue your cone together you can trim it a bit more to make sure the bottom is even. Begin adding embellishments, layering from the bottom up. To create this scalloped effect, we cut our felt circles in half then overlapped them like fish scales.
diy felt christmas decorations

Continue to add embellishments until you reach the top!
felt christmas trees

Don’t worry if your cone gets a little crumply as you go- once everything is in place no one will be able to tell!
giant christmas decorations

The felt trees might have been our favorite in the end because of the interactive aspect- who doesn’t want to move ornaments around and restyle this little guy forever? They all turned out cute though, and were a really fun craft to make with kids.  What do you think? Will you try your hand at felt or jute christmas trees this year? If you give any of these DIY Christmas decoration ideas a try be sure to let us know in the comments below, then tag us on Instagram or Facebook- we always love to see what you have made!


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