DIY Christmas Santa Ornament


This whole month of July, here at My Sunshine Shoppe, we will be celebrating the feeling of Christmas but with much warmer, summer temperatures. So, to kick off our Christmas in July celebration, we will be featuring a simple DIY Santa Christmas ornament! This Christmas ornament uses only 6 items and costs very little to create. The best part? You can make this, or variations of this, while sitting down for just a couple minutes and crafting with the entire family. Of course there are many different DIY Christmas ornaments to make, but this one is bright, unique and full of feathery fun!

Supplies needed to create this DIY Christmas Ornament:

DIY Christmas Ornament

Step 1:

Take the cap off of the glass ornament and gently push the red feather puffs inside. Try not to “ball up” the puffs as you want them to remain fluffy once inside the ornament. You may want to try just two feather puffs first to see if that is full enough for your liking. We went with three marabou puffs to create a fuller bulb.

DIY Christmas Santa Ornament DIY Christmas Santa OrnamentDIY Christmas Santa Ornament DIY Christmas Santa Ornament

Step 2:

Wrap your black glitter elastic around the fattest part of the ornament to mark where to cut the elastic. Cut about a half of an inch to an inch shorter than you measured, as the elastic will stretch to fit snugly around the glass ornament.

DIY Christmas Santa Ornament DIY Christmas Santa Ornament

Step 3:

Slip your rhinestone slider onto the 3/8th inch elastic. After your slider is on, hot glue the ends of the elastic together to create a circle. Slip the glitter elastic “belt” onto the center of the ornament to mimic Santa’s belly.

DIY Christmas Santa Ornament DIY Christmas Santa Ornament

Step 4:

Wrap thread around the hole in the top of the ornament and tie a knot, so that the ornament has a string to hang from. You could also use ribbon, or a fun solid colored elastic or winter print elastic to hang the ornament from and to create another element of holiday surprise on this fun DIY Santa ornament.

DIY Christmas Santa Ornament DIY Christmas Santa Ornament DIY Christmas Santa Ornament DIY Christmas Santa Ornament

This bright red DIY Santa glitter belt ornament is such a great feature to add to a holiday Christmas tree! You could also create a similar ornament but as a snowman instead! Simply change out the red feather puffs for white, and add a dab of glue to the back of three black flat back pearls or black buttons to place on the outside of the glass bulb in a row to act as coal buttons! Be sure to try other Christmas themed ideas such as a leading reindeer with a large red nose using brown feathers to fill the ornament, or an aqua feather filled bulb with various plastic snowflake or metal snowflake embellishments — the possibilities are many! If you have any other ideas for DIY ornament crafts, we would love to hear them in the comments section of this blog post! Happy Christmas in July and happy crafting!

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  1. This ornament is way too cute! I love the use of the marabou inside the ornament, instead of painting it red, because the texture of the feathers more closely resembles the fabric of Santa’s suit–and it’s a lot less messy, too! Thanks for sharing.: ) xoxo

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