DIY Decorative Soap Dispenser


Adecorative soap dispenser pumpvoid the fancy soap dispenser prices and add ongoing savings to your budget! Not only is this DIY Decorative Soap Dispenser a cute addition to your counter, it is also a way to stretch your hand soap or dish soap budget! Few things in life will actually live up to that hype- but in this case we are convinced! If you make this decorative hand soap dispenser for your bathroom, it will look great and save you money. This can also be made to beautify your kitchen as well as being a beautiful DIY dispenser for your dishsoap!

The first way this cute soap dispenser will save you money is by being made from a freebie! Foaming hand soap and foaming dish soap are sold as a disposable product, but the soap dispenser bottles are sturdy enough to reuse, and designed to be refilled as well. Buying soap in bulk to refill yourself will save you tons in the long run- and now you can make the container cute enough that it will be a no lose scenario!

Supplies Needed to Make Your Own Decorative Soap Dispenser:

decorative soap dispenser for kitchen
How to Decorate a Hand Soap or Foaming Dish Soap Dispenser:
To get started, decide if you would like to remove the stickers on your hand soap. Depending on the sticker, this can usually be accomplished by vegetable oil, an oxygenated cleaner, or even a soak overnight. Some people even swear by rubbing alcohol or lighter fluid, but it has been my experience that each sticker acts a bit different depending on how it is sticking (what type of adhesive was used) in the first place. I have even heard that a hair dryer can loosen the glue!  We decided that since we were covering our soap dispenser with both jute and lace, we didn’t mind if a tiny bit of the sticker peeked through- but if you are going for a different look you may want to remove the sticker.

Next, choose your wrapping material!  We love the look of natural jute, but we also have 10 other fun shades of jute to choose from- everything from royal blue to medium pink! If jute isn’t your speed, bakers twine might be a better choice for you- it has a cute clean look that can suit any project, and is available in 23 color combinations!  Once you have selected a material to wrap your soap dispenser, find one end and glue the tail part of the way down your soap dispenser, leaving yourself lots of room to come back over it to wrap and hide it.
make your own decorative soap dispenser
Then, at the top of your soap bottle, lay a bead of glue down and wrap your twine around to cover it. Since we were using hot glue it worked best for us to put a bead of glue on one side of the bottle and wrap twice to cover the glue. Then lay another bead of glue on the other side of the bottle, and wrap the twine around a few more times. Since there is so much wrapping, the glue doesn’t need to cover the entire bottle- wrapping the twine tightly and then securing with glue on different sides worked well to hold everything in place.
diy foaming soap dispenserIf you would prefer to use a craft glue or if you are doing this project with kids, it might work better to start with your tail taped in placed or glued and left to dry. The craft glue will want to slip around, so you can either  try to tape your strings temporarily after they have been glued to hold everything in place while it dries, or work on this with another project on the side, taking turns so that your glue can dry after every few bunches of wraps.

When you get towards the bottom of your soap dispenser, either find a discreet spot to stop or plan on covering the end of your string with lace or decorative ribbon. Do not wrap all the way around the edges to the bottom of your soap bottle, since it will no longer sit even. No one wants a wobbly soap dispenser!
DIY pretty soap dispenser
Now that you have finished wrapping your bottle, it is time to dress it up! If you want to change our your lace wrap with the seasons you do not need to glue it in place- a few pieces of twine or ribbon can hold it in place and be decorative as well!

make your own cute soap dispenser
You can attach some beautiful fabric flowers to your lace as well, or attach them directly to your twine soap dispenser!
diy decorative hand soap dispenserdecorative foaming hand soap dispenser decorative dish soap dispenser
  This would be a fun way  to tie in the theme of a kids bathroom to your custom soap dispenser, or to make your guest bath perfectly coordinated, without breaking the bank! This even works for a foaming dish soap dispenser in your kitchen.  Now you can hand wash your dishes in style!
diy foaming soap dispenser
This has really gotten us in a “what can be wrapped with twine and embellished with flowers” sort of mood! Will you give it a try and make a DIY Decorative Soap Dispenser? Have plans to wrap something else in juste or upgrade another project with fabric flowers? Please let us know- we love to see your projects in action as well!



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