DIY Diamond Mesh Wrap


The beautiful colors of diamond mesh and rhinestone trim you can find at  Sunshine Shoppe Supply can be used to add bling and elegance to many different projects. Some of those designs can include wrapping candles, vases, cakes, card boxes, flowers, and bow centers for those big life events such as bridal showers, dances, prom or weddings.

This simple tutorial will show you quick and easy ways to dress up a few of those items using our diamond mesh wrap and our rhinestone trim. It is flexible enough for your crafting needs yet sturdy enough to last! The diamond wrap roll comes as 24 stones wide but can be cut to any length and width to fit whatever you may be adding it to for some of that extra flare. The mesh rhinestone trim is two stones wide which is perfect for adding that little touch of bling while preventing unnecessary waste.

Step 1

Wrap the mesh around the product you would like it to adhere to so that you can measure the amount needed. Then cut the mesh at that length, you may want to leave an extra row or two intact to make sure that it is long enough (that extra amount can always be trimmed off later).

DIY Rhinestone Mesh Wrap DIY Rhinestone Mesh Wrap

Step 2

Add your adhesive, in this case double stick tape, to the product and place the diamond or rhinestone mesh onto the adhesive. Press down to make sure it is secure. Use as much or as little as you need to guarantee proper hold to the mesh trim.

DIY Rhinestone Mesh Wrap DIY Rhinestone Mesh Wrap

Continue this process and wrap the diamond mesh or rhinestone trim around any other items you would like to have these beautiful embellishments. In this tutorial, we did a total of three items to show you how simple and easy it can be to add flare to any product.

DIY Diamond Mesh DIY Diamond Mesh

Step 3

Add any other elements to the inside or outside of your items and enjoy your final one-of-a-kind diamond or rhinestone wrapped products!

DIY Diamond Mesh

Another fun and unique way to use the diamond mesh wrap or the mesh rhinestone trim is to line your flip flops for the “after party” reception when you need get out of those heels and kick back in more comfortable shoes, but still want to look stylish. As you see, you can DIY wrap virtually anything with these two products. The thin width of the double rhinestones works especially well for wrapping bow centers. All you need is a scissors to cut the mesh to the correct length and some sort of adhesive, such as glue or double sided tape, to attach the mesh to any item you would like to bling out or add a touch of elegance to!



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