DIY Earring Organizer


ideas for earring holder We are always looking for creative ways to store jewelry.  So much work goes into making these pretty accessories, it seems a shame to stash them away in a drawer or a box! So when our new lace trim arrived we instantly started scheming ideas to display jewelry that would be both pretty and functional. We quickly realized that the fine mesh of the lace would be the perfect storage for post and stud earrings as well as larger earring hooks. So whether you wear dainty post earrings or boldand dangly hoops, this DIY Earring Organizer could be the perfect jewelry storage solution for you!

We love that this earring holder will be a beautiful piece of decor when you are complete, as well as a handy jewelry organizer. Customize your color of lace and frame to suit your style, and decide whether you would like your finished product to be a tabletop organizer or whether you would like to hang it on the wall. The final touches will come when you add your pretty earrings!

Supplies Needed to Make Your Own Earring Holder:

  • lace trim in your color of choice
  • a picture frame or embroidery hoop (painted to match, if you would like)
  • pushpins or nails if you would like your jewelry display to stand on it’s own, or a pretty piece of ribbon if you would like to hang your jewelry organizer on the wall.
    make your own earring holder

Version One| Step One:
Before you get started, decide on the style and color scheme that you are going for. If you are putting your earring holder in a princess themed bedroom, then you may want to used a pink lace and paint your embroidery hoop or picture frame pink. If you want a more dramatic look, you might choose black lace and to paint your frame black. They all sound fun! We decided to go with soft and natural pastels, so we did not paint our embroidery hoop or picture frame. If you have painted your frame, let it dry then remove the back. Our frame also had glass that we needed to remove. If you are using an embroidery hoop, skip to version two.
picture frame earring holder diy
Step Two:
Use the back of your frame or the glass to trace the shape that will be stuck in the back of your frame. Cut this shape out of the lace.
diy earring storage diy earring storage
Step Three:
Glue your lace into the back of the frame, making sure to pull taut as you glue so that the lace will not sag.
diy earring organizer
Step Four:
Decide how you would like to display your earring organizer. If you would like to hang it on the wall, you can use an existing hanger if your frame has one, or you can glue a loop of pretty ribbon to the back to hang it from. We decided that we would prefer a tabletop display for our earring organizer, so we simply added two pushpins at an angle so that it could stand in place. If pushpins don’t work for your frame, you could use two pretty brass nails to hold your frame up. Even screws would work to hold your frame in place, if they were only partially screwed in- you may want to paint them to match if this is the route you decide to go.
how to make earring holder out of picture frame
Version Two| Step One:
If you would like your hoop to be painted, do that and let it dry before you begin. Loosen the screw on your embroidery hoop and remove the inner circle. Lay your lace across your circle. If your hoop is wider than your lace, lay a second layer across in a way where the overlapping layers are pretty. We liked the triangle of overlapping lace, but you may want to play around with patterns a little to decide what you like the best. Replace the inner hoop, and tug on the edges of the lace to smooth out any looseness or wrinkles. Tighten the screw so that the sandwiched layers of lace are held snugly.
embroidery hoop earring holder
Step Two:
Lay the side of your scissors flat against the back of your embroidery hoop and trim the excess.
ways to organize jewelry
Add earrings, and admire your handiwork!
diy jewelry organizer how to make a stud earring holder
It is so nice to have your earrings displayed out where you can see them. Maybe you will feel a little more inspired to wear them!


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