DIY Elastic Shoe Laces


elastic shoe laces kidsWe love a fun and sporty pair of sneakers, but what we do not love is the hassle of tying the shoelaces that go with those sneakers! Mornings are already enough hectic without worrying about tying and retying shoes! So we love the idea of making any pair of shoes into slip ons- and they will still be adorable with these unique DIY Elastic Shoe Laces! These no-tie shoelaces are such a breeze to use- and can be laced into any sneaker! No need to buy a new pair of shoes to have the ease of velcro- you can easily make your own stretch shoelaces!

We love that switching out shoelaces is such a quick and inexpensive upgrade for your shoes- it does not take a lot of time or money but it will have a big impact! Not only will your sneakers slide on in no time, but your shoes will take on a whole new life! Our wide variety of elastic prints, glitter elastic and playful solid colored elastics are sure to add a whole new dimension to your wardrobe! This is also a great project to make the wardrobe of a little one more functional- no tie shoelaces for kids can be an absolute lifesaver!

Supplies Needed to Make Your Own DIY Elastic Shoe Laces:

  • Shoes with eyeholes
  • Elastic to match or contrast with your shoes, or in a fun color. We really like the idea of swapping boring laces for a fun print or a snazzy glitter elastic, but we also have a rainbow of solid colored elastic that would look beautiful. You could even use a stretch lace if you are looking for something a bit more girly!

how to make sneakers into slip-ons


Step One:

The amount of elastic you will need will depend on the size of your shoes and how far apart the eyelets are. When you remove the shoelaces you will get an idea of how much elastic you will need though. Our shoe laces were 26 inches long, but since we were not tying a bow each shoe only used about 16 inches of elastic. So for these shoes we were able to use about one yard of elastic- but if you are making no tie baby shoes you will need less elastic and no tie shoelaces for an adult will probably take more.
diy elastic shoelaces
Cut two pieces of elastic about the size of your shoelaces, and cut the ends at an angle to help with threading your laces. Singe the ends of your shoelaces with the flame from a lighter to avoid fraying. If you want, you can even wrap a piece of tape around the ends to make the elastic even easier to thread. elastic shoelaces for kids
Step Two:
Begin to lace your shoe near the toe, close to the halfway point of your elastic.
how to make elastic shoe laces
Step Three:
Continue to lace your shoes in a style that you prefer- we went to the eyelet above for the straight shoe lace style. It is just a matter of preference though, this would work just as well for criss-crossed laces.
elastic shoe strings for kids

Step Four:
Once you have laced your shoes, you have the option of finishing with a bow, or by tying each lace in a knot on the outside of the eyelet. We wanted to make sure that our no-tie shoelaces would stay put though, so we trimmed the laces to fit inside of our shoe, then used a fabric glue to secure where they overlapped.
no tie shoelaces for kidselastic shoelaces for adults
Trim any excess and allow your laces to dry before using. You could also sew your laces in places with just a few stitches, if you prefer.
how to make elastic shoe laces
Once your laces have dried, slip them on and show off your snazzy no tie shoelaces!
no tie shoe strings

If you are interested in seeing a bit more instruction on how to make your own elastic shoelaces, check out our video tutorial below:

Since this quickie shoelace makeover was so easy, we could see swapping out your DIY elastic shoelaces fairly often. With our huge selection of holiday fold over elastics, it would be so quick and easy to stay up to date- and have a totally unique look that no one else will have! No one will need to know that it also made your mornings go much smoother! If you are thinking about upgrading your shoes by making your own stretch shoe laces- or if you have a completely different idea in mind- let us know in the comments below! We always love hearing what you are up to!



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