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Boutineer Fabric Flower How to

Corsages and boutonnieres are the perfect way to pull together the outfits of a wedding party or a special way to make family members stand out at a special event. We love the look of handmade custom boutonnieres, and it is especially nice to be able to make them well ahead of time so there is one less thing to worry about the day of your big event.  That is exactly why we love the idea of these DIY Fabric Flower Boutonnieres.  We have such a wide variety of flowers to match any style! Use a burlap flower for a country look, polka dotted circus puffs for a playful look, or go for a classier style with satin roses. Personally, we love the look of mixing and matching a few types of fabric flowers to make it perfectly tailored to suit your own style!

There are many ways to finish and wear a handmade boutonniere. It is quite popular for women’s corsages to be attached to ribbon or elastic and worn on their wrist. While some suits have a hole for a lapel pin, it might be easier to attach a permanent pin to your boutonniere, depending on how you know it will be worn. If the end boutonniere will be worn with just a dress shirt, you may want to attach a permanent clip to make it easier to attach and re-wear.

We hope you will have as much fun making your Fabric Flower Boutonnieres as we did! Whether you make these as DIY wedding boutonnieres, corsages for prom, or as favors for family members at a baptism or christening, we hope that making them with this tutorial will help make your day even a little more special!

Supplies Needed:

Fabric Flower Boutonniere DIY

Step 1:

Build your base layer on top of the felt circle. This is when you will attach your “lapel pin” and “leaf” materials. We used part of a paper straw as our pin in this case, though we also like the look of wrapping the straw in grosgrain ribbon or printed elastic. We used burlap to cut out our leaf shapes, but if your are looking for something more elegant, we recommend cutting leaves from grosgrain or adding feather puffs instead of leaves.  Secure these items with hot glue or a fabric adhesive.

Fabric Flower Corsage

Step 2:

Play around with the arrangement of your choice of flowers until you are satisfied with how they look. We like contrasting large and small flowers of different materials, but large single flowers also have a lovely dramatic effect. The fabric dahlia flowers are great for this. Secure in place with hot glue or fabric adhesive, taking care that the edges have been attached to the felt circles so that they do not pull up at the edges.

Fabric Flower Corsage Tutorial

Step 3:

Attach a brooch clip to the back of your felt circle, if desired. The same adhesives will work for this step.

Fabric Flower Corsage DIY

Fabric Flower Boutonniere DIY

Time for a photo opportunity!

We are sure that anyone would appreciate the handmade touch of a custom floral lapel pin. It is so nice to be able to add special, personalized touches to the accessories that are part of your special day.

This boutonniere tutorial can be coordinated to accommodate any wedding party or prom outfits, and customizing is half of the fun! We think you will enjoy making this DIY Fabric Flower Boutonniere as much as you will enjoy wearing it!



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