DIY Fabric Flower Necklace


fabric flower necklace tutorialIf you have ever taken a look in your closet and felt bored and uninspired- and who hasn’t felt that way at least one time or another-  then we have the perfect solution to shake things up a bit! We are huge fans of fashion jewelry statement necklaces- but unique statement necklaces do not come cheap! Especially if they are custom, one of a kind handmade jewelry. That is why we have dreamed up and easy and inexpensive way to make your own DIY Fabric Flower Necklace. You can have a stand out piece of jewelry- and still; afford to be able to go out!

We left the edges of our ribbon unfinished for our necklace- we just cut them at an angle and singed the ribbon to prevent fraying. We really wanted the look of a pretty ribbon bow in the back of our necklace- but if you prefer a different finish, you can always tie  your ribbon in a secure knot to two toggle clasps– or thread your ribbon onto crimp beads and pinch with a pliers to finish your necklace.

Supplies Needed To Make a DIY Fabric Flower Necklace:

Step One:
Decide the length of your ribbon (leaving enough length to tie a pretty bow or however you decide to finish your necklace). Cut the ends of your ribbon at an angle and hold the ends up next to the flame of a lighter to just lightly singe the ribbon to prevent fraying. Measure the area of your neck that you would like to embellish with your flower necklace- we decided that we wanted ours about 6 inches wide and 3 inches tall, so we laid out our felt circles in a pattern that would cover this much area. Glue the felt circles together where they overlap. The felt circles will support the back of your flowers but will also make your necklace look  finished on the back.
how to make fabric flower necklace
Step Two:
Center your ribbon and adhere towards the top of the felt circles. Where you secure the ribbon will be where the laces of your necklace sit on your neck, so do not make it too low.
fabric flower bib necklace tutorial
Step Three:
Begin to lay out your flowers to decide on how you would like them to be spaced.  We put down our larger flowers and filled in around them in a way we found pleasing, but this is your statement necklace- let it say something about you! Oce you are satisfied with how you have arranged your flowers, secure them in place with hot glue.fabric rosette necklace tutorial
Step Four:
Now comes the really fun part- adding embellishments! We loved extra glitz and glam that the metal rhinestone buttons added to our flowers, but if you are looking for something more colorful then plastic buttons might be more what you are looking for. If your embellishments have a shank on the back, simply snip the shank off so that the back of your button can lie flat. Secure in place with hot glue.
fabric flower bib necklace tutorial
The only thing left to do is to tie your necklace in place with a pretty bow and wear it with pride!
make fabric rosette necklace
We love how a bold statement necklace can completely transform the look of any outfit! Suddenly a plain t-shirt with jeans doesn’t look so plain, and a simple sundress is ready for a fun night on the town! If you have extra buttons, you could even use a bit of E-6000 to make matching earrings or hair pins with DIY earring posts and bobby pin bases. There are just so many fun ways to make your own accessories-  this DIY fabric flower necklace tutorial is just a jumping off point! We hope that you are inspired to make your own bold piece of statement jewelry! We would love to hear feedback from you- where will you be wearing your fabric flower necklace?


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