DIY Fabric Flower Ornaments


floral fabric ornament tutorial

Do you have a special occasion coming up that needs a special handmade flower centerpiece? Or perhaps you are looking for a way to incorporate more flowers into your day by making hanging floral decorations?  Whether you are looking for fabric flower wedding decorations, dainty floral baby shower decorations, or even festive decorations for a sweet sixteen or birthday party, this is a tutorial that can be customized to suit your needs.


Our fabric flowers come in such a wide variety that no matter what the occasion, you will be able to make a hanging fabric flower ornament to match the decor of your event. We arranged our flower ornaments in a vase with branches to make a wedding centerpiece or tabletop party decoration, but this method could also be used to make floral ornaments that could hang from chairs, the ceiling, trees outside or the ends of pews.


Supplies Needed:

diy fabric flower centerpiece

Step 1:

First, pick two matching flowers that can be glued back to back to make your fabric ornament.

hanging fabric flower ornament

Step 2:   

Next, cut a contrasting selection of ribbon approximately twice as long as the width of your flower. For example, this flower was 1.5 inches wide so we used a 3 inch length of ribbon. Glue the front of the ribbon to the back of the fabric flower.

fabric flower centerpiece

Step 3:

Next, loop the ribbon in half on itself. Secure with glue, then place the other fabric flower over the first flower and secure with glue.

diy wedding fabric flower

Step 4:

At this point, if the centers of your fabric ornaments are bare you can add a pearl or rhinestone to give a nice detail to the center.

wedding fabric flower tutorialdiy wedding ornament

Step 5:

Repeat until you have made as many flowers as necessary. We liked the look of alternating glamorous fabrics like chiffon and glitter with more rustic fabrics like burlap and natural cotton, but your choices will be dictated by the theme of your event or centerpiece.

fabric flower ornaments

Step 6:

Arrange and enjoy.

hanging ornament centerpiece

These hanging floral ornaments can add a touch of color and fun to any occasion, whether they are hanging from tree branch in a window or the from back of a chair.  If your occasion calls for a bit more glitz, the addition of rhinestone buttons to the center will add that bit of sparkle that will really reflect the light and brighten up a party. Enjoy your special day and your handmade floral ornaments!


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