DIY Fall Leaf Garland made with Printable Leaf Template


fall leaf garlandNow that the nights are getting colder and the days are getting shorter, our thoughts are turning to all things fall! We are huge fans of fall leaves as they change color. We wanted to recreate a bit of that beauty for ourselves, to bring the autumn colors inside without any of the mess! We really love that this DIY Fall Leaf Garland made with Printable Leaf Template can be saved and used season after season! It is easy to make, but sturdy enough to decorate any doorway or mantle, then come down to be safely stored away for next year. You don’t even need to freehand or make up leaf shapes if you don’t want to (though you certainly can)- we have created a printable Leaf Template for you to use as a guide while cutting your leaf shapes!

We selected a traditional fall colored mix of felt to make our leaves from, but if you want your leaves to jive to a different theme that is entirely up to you!  This autumn garland would make a perfect DIY thanksgiving decoration, so customize it to suit your fall decorating scheme! Our felt circles and jute are both available in a range of colors that could suit any color theme, so you can let your imagination run wild. If you want a look that is less rustic than jute, bakers twine could be a fun and funky alternative to string your fall garland!

Supplies Needed to make a Fall Leaf Garland:

fall foliage garland
Print the Leaf Template and cut out the leaf shapes.  Tape or paper clip your leaf shapes to a felt circle to hold it in place while you cut around the shape.
leaf garland diy
Once you have cut out your leaf shape, set aside the excess felt.
make fall leaf garland
Continue cutting leaf shapes until you have a sufficient amount for your garland.
fall leaf garland craft
Once you are satisfied with the amount of leaves you have, decide how far apart you would like your leaves spaced. We went with about 10 inch gaps, but larger or smaller would also look great. Secure your leaf in place with hot glue, and use scrap felt to hold your jute or twine in place.
 fall garland diy
Continue to add leaves, gluing your felt leaves at even intervals. make a fall leaf garland autumn leaf garland
Hang your fall garland from your mantel or dress up any doorway with some festive fall spirit! When your fall holidays are over, wind your fall bunting up on a ribbon storage card (if you used all of your just you can even use the card that the just came on!)  to make sure that it is ready to use next fall!
how to make fall garland
We hope you enjoyed this DIY Fall Leaf Garland made with Printable Leaf Template! We thought it was fun and came together quickly, and added some fun fall colors to our day- but what do you think? How will you be working fall colors into your home or accessories? We would love to hear about it in the comments below!


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