DIY Feather Headband


We have had several requests from our readers to post a “How to Make a Feather Headband” post, so here it is! Making your own feather headbands is really very simple. We carry an amazing assortment of feather pads, also called Nagorie Feather Pads, as well as limitless amounts of buttons, sequin bows, flowers, etc that you can use to embellish your DIY Feather Headband.

Let’s get started! To make your own feather headband, you will need a few supplies to started….

How to Make a Feather Headband

Nagorie Feather Pads – as I mentioned we carry TONS of great colors and color combinations. You can also make you own feather pads by using loose nagorei feathers (we sell them on a nice little satin trim) but the pads are really super easy as they are on the felt and put together nice and neat for you already. Another tip, when purchasing feather pads, there are many companies out there that sell sub par feather pads. THese pads are flat as a pancake, and when made into hair accessories look really fun on the head (especially a baby!) because the stick straight out. Our feather pads have a natural curve and lay perfectly smooth with the curve of your head! To put it simply, they are the highest quality feather pad out there! Don’t skimp on your feathers or you will not be happy with the end result of your feather headbands.

Elastic – any kind will work. We think the 5/8th inch size is a great size, since the feather pad is a rather large focal piece to begin with. For smaller babies or infants, the 3/8th size or even 1/8th size can work as well.

Felt pad – Our 3.25 inch felt pads were made for our feather pads, they fit perfectly on the back of the feathers to complete your headband and give it that finished look and a soft surface for the head.

Embellishments (optional) – where to start? This is the hardest part of making a feather headband ~ choosing what to decorate it with! We have so many amazing buttons, sequin bows, shabby flowers, etc. the combinations and options are endless. We suggest start by choosing your color scheme and go from there.

Hot glue, and E6000 if using metal embellishments.

Step one – Make your headband loop with your elastic. We have a great sizing chart for headbands below

How to Make a Feather Headband

Use hot glue to glue the ends of your elastic together forming a circle.

DIY Feather Headband


Step two –  Apply a strip of hot glue down the middle of the back of the feather pad – we usually just line the pad on the back (our nagorie feathers come with this thin backing already on the back).

Make Your Own Feather Headbands


Step three – Quickly lay your elastic circle over the glue stripe, making sure the “seam” of your elastic is on the glue strip, so it will be covered when finishing the headband.

Make Your Own Feather Headbands


Step four – take your 3.25 inch felt pad, cover it with hot glue and press firmly over the elastic/feather piece.

Make Your Own Feather Headbands


Step 5 – Embellish! For our sample piece, we used a Fancy Sequin Bow along with our 26mm Blossom button (aren’t they gorgeous?) If you choose to use buttons on your feather pads, we recommend using at least 25mm and up if the button is the focal point. You can get away with smaller buttons if you have several embellishments at the base of the feather headband.

How to Make a Feather Headband

**GLUE TIP – any time you are gluing metal embellishments, if is usually best to use a heavy duty glue like E6000 or Amazing Goop. The metal buttons are heavier, and regular hot glue likes to peel right off the metal. THESE TYPES OF GLUE MUST DRY FOR AT LEAST 24 HOURS BEFORE USE.

How to Make a Feather Headband

DIY Feather Headbands are a unique hair piece, and they work great for any age. You can use your creativity to make these your own style. The great part about feather headbands is that each feather is unique, and depending on how you embellish, can create a completely different style or look. These Feather Headbands below were made from our custom Ombre Nagorie Feather pads. We are one of the only companies out there to carry these amazing feathers. We have also designed coordinating Rhinestone Blooms to embellish the Ombre pads, they fit perfectly at the base of the pad and add an amazing sparkle to the headband.

DIY Feather Headband


See how easy it is to Make Your Own Feather Headbands? Give it a try, I promise once you start how to make feather headbands, it is hard to stop!



  1. Ashley Davis on

    I bought some on Amazon and they r so flat,how do I make them curve to my babies head. I’m so sad. I don’t have the funds to buy more,I need to make due. Please help,

    • We have never had that problem with our feather pads as ours are built on a slight curve to fit the head so I am not sure how to fix that. I suppose you could try to use a steamer to loosen the shape and then wrap it around something that has a curve and leave it for a bit to hope it takes on that shape. Sorry, hope that helps! If not – you could certainly buy ours to try out.

  2. I dont understand your chart, the elastic size, if my head is 21,5 inches how much elastic do i need. i want to make headband that is part elastic and part fabric,

    • I would make it about half and half, for a total of 18 inches. I would cut the elastic at 9.5 inches so after you glue it on the fabric it will be about 9 inches. Headbands for adults are typically 18 inches, I personally have a lot of hair so I do 19″ for me! Thanks so much:)

  3. Marie jackson on

    I need an ivory color or off white, beige etc nagorie feather pad. I don’t see that color on your page. Help?

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