DIY Felt Circle Wreath


felt wreath tutorialNothing quite says “I’m ready for the holidays!” like a decorative wreath! Don’t have a naked door or window this winter! We like our house full of holiday cheer, and our windows and doorframes to be hung with holiday wreaths! Normally a wreath addiction could be a spendy one, but never to fear! There are so many ways to make your own wreath, but our new favorite might just be the DIY Felt Circle Wreath!

With our pre-cut felt circles, this handmade wreath comes together in a jiffy! We made our wreath with an assortment of the small 1 inch felt circles, which resulted in a mini wreath- but increasing the size and number of the felt circles would also increase the size of your wreath. To achieve our fun color scheme we started with mixed bag of felt circles, then added additional shades of green (olive, lime, emerald, mint, and tropic). A similar color scheme that could be adorable would be to start with a pack or two of white, ivory and cream felt circles, then add a mixed pack of felt circles to it. It would look like a confetti cake in a wreath form! Let your imagination carry you with this one- choosing your color theme and accessories might be the hardest part of this easy to make wreath!

Supplies Needed to Make Your Own
DIY Felt Circle Wreath:

felt wreath supplies
If you are starting with a large piece of wire or a coat hanger, start by bending it in a bit of a circle and cutting it down to a manageable size with your wire cutter. Remember to use protective eye gear anytime you bring out those wire cutters! You will trim your wire late as your wreath is closer to the correct size, so  you don’t need to be too picky on how long your wire is right now.

If the end of your wire is sharp, you might be able to pierce the felt circle and thread it directly onto your wire. If the end of your wire is not sharp enough to poke a hole in the felt circle, you can get your hole started by poking a starter hole with a pushpin or a stick pin.
felt wreath 1
Begin to thread your felt circles onto your wire.
felt wreath 2
We chose to add our felt circles by alternating colors in a haphazard pattern, but go with whatever style of pattern you think is the right fit for your wreath!
felt wreath 5
Continue adding felt circles until your wrath is approximately the right size.
felt wreath 3

We checked our size a few times and added a few more felt circles for good measure.
felt wreath 4
When we were satisfied with the size of our wreath, we bent it into a circular shape and twisted the ends together to hold the wreath closed.
felt wreath 6
Twist the ends of your wire a few times, then snip off any excess. Smush the felt on either side of the wire loop to disguise the connection.
felt wreath 7
Decide how you would like to hang your wreath and tie a pretty bow or hot glue your ribbon in place on the back of your wreath.
felt wreath 8felt wreath 11

Add embellishments as desired.
felt wreath 9

You can never go wrong with some more sparkle.
felt wreath 13felt wreath 10
All that is left to do is decide the ideal spot to hang up your DIY felt circle wreath! With an easy Christmas craft that comes together as quickly as this, there is no reason not to give it a try. Where would you hang yours?


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