DIY Felt Flower Headband and Hair Clip


If you are looking for your next super cute, yet super simple DIY craft project, then this tutorial on how to make scalloped felt flowers is just for you. After finished, these fun scalloped flowers can then be attached to create a DIY felt flower headband or a DIY felt flower hair clip. There are so many different color combinations to choose from as we have more than 15 colors of felt circles available. You can create various looks time after time by varying how tight or loose your wrap your felt circles and also by using mixed sizes of felt. Follow along to make your very own one-of-a-kind felt flower headband or hair clip.

What you will need:

  • 4 felt circles of your color choice (we used 2 – 3.25 inch circles, 1 – 2.5 inch circle, and 1 – 1 inch circle as a base for the 3 that will be made into flowers)
  • 1 large 2 inch snap clip (to make a hair clip) OR fold over elastic (to make a headband)
  • Hot glue gun

If you are looking to make the scalloped felt flower headband, here is a link to show proper headband sizes: measurements for headbands.

Step 1

Cut a scalloped, flower shape pattern out of the round felt circle. Try to make it as uniform as you can. The end result does not have to be perfect however, because the felt will be rolled up and will not be seen flat.

felt flowers diy felt flowers diy

Step 2

Cut out a spiral shape in the felt flower. Start from the outside and continue into the center of the felt where you will end with a small circular shape left in the middle. This spiral can be as skinny or as wide as you would like – each option results in a very different look.

felt flowers diy felt flowers diyfelt flowers diy  felt flowers diy

Step 3

Starting with the outside part of the circle and start to roll the end in. You can choose how loose or how tight to roll your felt flower -each way of rolling the felt results in a distinct look. Hot glue the top roll of the spiraled felt to the inner circle now and then to make sure your flower stays together, in place, and does not fall apart. Continue rolling and gluing here and there until you reach the center. When you reach the small circular shape in the felt, add a dab of hot glue, fold it over and use it to cover the base of the circle.

diy scalloped felt flowers diy scalloped felt flowersdiy scalloped felt flowers diy scalloped felt flowers

Step 4

Repeat steps 1 through 3 with the next two felt circles. Resulting in three separate, small, felt rosettes. Then attach, using hot glue, those 3 scalloped felt flowers to the last felt circle to secure the three together.

diy scalloped felt flowers diy scalloped felt flowers

Step 5

Now you can choose whether to add your scalloped rosettes to a hair clip or a headband. Simply add some hot glue to the felt circle at the base of the felt flowers and attached to either the hair snap clip or the pre-cut, pre-measured elastic.

diy scalloped felt flower hair clip diy scalloped felt flower hair clip diy scalloped felt flower headband diy scalloped felt flower headband

These DIY scalloped felt flowers also look wonderful on their own when placed on a baby snap clip. They are the perfect size and work just wonderfully for newborns. That way you can add a little something special to your babies outfit without overdoing it with too big of a flower on their head.

Enjoy your newest DIY creation!  This felt flower tutorial takes just minutes to finish and creates a priceless fashionable hair accessory. The felt flower headband looks adorable on babies, especially newborns but can be sized to fit up adults. The hair clip works wonders on keeping wondering hair out of those little girl’s faces, especially when they are active or when it is windy. Mix and match colors of felt and/or elastic to create holiday themed styles, or styles matching a specific event, clothing item, or party. Add either the scalloped felt flower headband, or the felt flower hair clip to any outfit for any occasion to add some fun and flare!


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