DIY Felt Flower Tutorial – Folded Felt Flowers


Felt Flower Tutorial – DIY Felt Flowers

This is a felt flower tutorial that we know you’ll love!  DIY felt flowers projects are simple and trendy, and you can create your own masterpiece!


These folded felt flowers look like they take a special felt cutting machine to create, but we crafted these folded felt flowers in minutes with just a few felt circles and some hot glue! Once you have created your DIY felt flowers, the possibilities are endless. Attach to hair clips, use in headband creations, attach to purses or bags – really any where a flower is appropriate (where are they NOT?!) – have fun with this awesomely easy felt flower tutorial!

DIY Felt Flower Tutorial

DIY Felt Flower Supplies:

8-10 felt circles all in the same size and color

DIY Felt Flower Tutorial

  • Smaller flower was made with 1.5 inch felt circles
  • Large flower was made with 2 inch felt circles
  • Hot glue
  • Optional: Clothes pin or hair clip


Start with one felt circle and fold it in half then in half again.



Apply a small amount of hot glue inside the crease to hold the folds in place.


Here is where the clothes pin or hair clip comes in handy. Use the clip to hold the felt circle in place while the glue cools. This will allow you to move on to the next felt circle without waiting. Make sure not to over glue the petals as they will not fluff up.


Repeat the process of folding and gluing until you have 7-9 folded felt circles. Leave one felt circle for your base.


Arrange 4 folded felt circles on top of 1 flat felt circle and hot glue in place. Make sure to only glue the bottom layer to keep the “petals” fluffy.



For the next layer arrange 3 folded felt circles to complete the flower. Arrange and fluff the petals to fill out the flower.


You can add a third layer of 2 more “petals” if you would like it even fuller looking. We only did the two layers, or 7 petals for our felt flower.

DIY Felt Flower Tutorial

Embellish with flat back pearls and rhinestones to give these flowers a little something extra.  Currently our felt circles come in 18 difference colors and 6 sizes giving you plenty of options to create a custom flower arrangement perfect for headbands, hair clips, brooch clips or even garment embellishments.

I decided to make a quick headband out of our pink felt flower by adding some tiny flat back rhinestones onto the petals and using two petite princess flowers onto a chevron headband – I backed the entire flower cluster with more felt circles to attach securely to the headband!

We hope you enjoyed our DIY felt flower tutorial, a great DIY felt flowers project!



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