DIY Felt Pennant Banner


how to make a felt pennant bannerBack to school season is an exciting time of year! New pencils, new crayons, new school clothes! One of our favorite traditions is the yearly “off to school” picture- in those crisp new clothes before they get worn in. A fun way to jazz up the first day of school pictures is to create a prop that is fun and colorful- and can be a visual cue for what and where the little one in the picture is going! Whether it says the grade year that he ir she is starting, the name of their school, or even the calendar year,  this DIY Felt Pennant Banner can be held as a prop by the posing scholar or hung in a doorway or on a wall so that anywhere can become an instant photo opportunity!

Don’t have a little one headed off to school? Don’t fret. Simply change up the color scheme and the style of letter and this letter banner can be made for a variety of occasions!  We think it would look great as a welcome home banner, a happy birthday banner or even a festive holiday banner to celebrate a colorful and special day with family and friends! 

Supplies needed to Make Your Own Felt Banner:

diy felt pennant banner
Select the color scheme and style of your your felt letter banner. We wanted to go with bright primary colors and bold block letters, so we selected a rainbow of felt circles and a bold school themed fold over elastic.  If your style will be different you can adjust your choices accordingly. Since we wanted very chunky letters, we just trimmed as little off each felt circle as possible to create large bubbly letters.
how to make a felt pennant bannerdiy pennant banner with letters diy pennant banner with letters back to school banner

If you have a more precise style in mind, you can create a template for your felt banner in any word processing program. Simply pick your font of choice and scale to the size of your felt circles. Then type and print your message, cutting each letter from the paper and felt at the same time. You can use a pin or tape to keep each letter in place as you cut.  If your font is especially delicate, you may want to back each letter with a circle or triangle of felt to make your pennant banner sturdier, like the examples below.
diy pennant flag bannerdiy felt pennant banner
Continue cutting until you have completed your message.
diy letter banner
Center your message on your elastic. While ribbon or twine would also work for the body of the bunting, we really prefer how the bunting hangs when it is on fold over elastic- especially if the bunting will be tied in place, the stretchiness makes it much easier to put it in place and take down.
welcome back to school banner
Before you glue your letters in place, take time to adjust them a bit if needed. Maybe you want your letters to overlap a bit or to be more spaced apart? Or maybe you want your pennant banners to be broken up into two separate banners for a layered hanging effect? Now is the time to make any pennant banner with letters
Hang your felt pennant banner with pushpins or tape, or tie to a branch or rafter. Or just have the subject of your photo hold the felt banner and smile! Regardless of how you end up displaying your DIY Felt Pennant Banner, we hope it helps you preserve the memories of your special day in a colorful and fun way! Let us know what you will be celebrating in the comments below, we would love to hear from you!!


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