DIY Floral Letter


Wanting to make a fun DIY piece to hang up in your home or need a unique gift idea? This DIY Floral Letter tutorial is the perfect craft to follow along with as you make your own one-of-a-kind wall art piece. Not only is this craft project relativity inexpensive, but there are indefinite ways that it can be created. Mix and match colors, textures, fabrics, patterns, sizes and more to make your perfect flower monogram. Whether you choose to do a monotoned letter, an ombre letter, a rainbow colored letter or a bit of a mixed letter, all will result in an amazing craft perfectly suited to you.

This DIY floral letter wall art is a great addition for a nursery or a little girls room, a welcome home gift for a new neighbor, a seasonal inspired door hanger (spring, summer, fall, winter, holiday), a wedding backdrop piece or just a simple monogrammed piece of home decor to hang in your home above a mantel – the possibilities to make and places to use this DIY flower wall art craft are endless. For instance, you could even have your children create their own to hang on their bedroom doors! The list goes on and on.

Supplies needed:

Floral Letters DIY Tutorial

Step 1:

Draw or trace your monogram onto your cardboard piece – in whatever style letter and to whatever size you wish! I made the ‘H’ to be 8.5 inches tall by 8.5 inches wide to fit perfectly in my frame at home.

DIY Flower Letter 

Step 2:

Cut your letter out using a box cutter, X-acto knife or a simple scissors. Try to get as close as you can to your monogram but it does not need to be perfect because you are going to cover it up – so any imperfections or errors will not be shown.

DIY Flower Letter

Step 3:

You may want to lay out your flowers on your letter ahead of time so that you have an idea of where they will all fit. This is not necessary but definitely helps to see how your big flowers and little flowers, along with what colored flowers, all work together to make the perfect layout and color scheme. This layout might change later, but it will at least give you a great starting point.

If you do not lay out your flowers beforehand, I would recommend starting with all of your larger flowers and then once those are hot glued down you can begin to fill in gaps with your smaller flowers or bows.
DIY Floral Monogram DIY Floral Monogram

Step 4:

One by one, hot glue your flowers and other embellishments into their places. During this step, be sure that you are placing your flowers in such a way that no cardboard will be seen when your letter is hung up.
DIY Floral Letter Easy Home Decor DIY Floral Letter Easy Home Decor
  Floral Letters DIY Tutorial Floral Letters DIY Tutorial DIY Floral Letter Wall Art Craft

Once your DIY flower monogram letter is completed, it is time to hang it! You can take lace or grosgrain ribbon and attach it to the back of your floral letter to hang it by or simply nail it to the wall with a beautiful frame around it to showcase your new floral letter wall art home decor piece.

If you make one of these monogram letters, please share your idea with us. We would love to see your creation and how you used your DIY floral letter in your own home.


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