DIY Flower Napkin Rings


diy napkin rings for weddingsWhen planning a dinner party, all of the smallest details really matter. Even if you are having a casual dinner with a few family and friends, breaking out the cloth napkins can make it feel like more of a special event. An easy but pretty way to pull your table decor together is to make a set of these DIY Flower Napkin Rings.  Homemade napkin rings are a fun and easy craft, and with the addition of your choice of fabric flower it becomes a beautiful and personal way to dress up your table for any celebration! You can easily make your own holiday napkin rings, and swap them out as the seasons and festivities change!

The most surprising craft supply we used today is something you probably throw out every day- but don’t! Save your toilet paper rolls, even if your friends and family give you funny looks! They are a versatile craft supply with many uses.  For today’s craft you will only need a few tubes to get started- but your napkin ring holders will come together so quickly that you may want to turn around and make a few more to suit a few more themes!

Supplies Needed to Make Your Own DIY Flower Napkin Rings:

homemade holiday napkin rings

To get started, cut your toilet paper tubes into fairly even rings. We thought that halves made them too thick so we cut our toilet paper rolls into thirds.
make your own christmas napkin rings
Next, add a dot of glue to the inside of one of your rolls. We used hot glue for this project, but if you use a regular white glue or craft glue you may want to have a paperclip or a clothespin handy to hold the end of your string in place while it dries.
flower napkin ring holders
We used a natural color of our jute twine to go with our harvest themed color palette, but we have a variety of beautiful colors that could work for all sorts of of color schemes and holidays. If jute is a bit too rustic for the look that you are going for, you could always try out glitter elastic or up the glam even more with our diamond mesh! There is a wide range of ways to adapt this and make it your own, perfect for any holiday or event.  You won’t be sad putting away your handmade Thanksgiving napkin rings when you know how easy it is to make your own DIY Christmas napkin rings!
craft ideas for wedding napkin rings
Continue to wrap your string until you have gone around the entire napkin ring. Secure your end with a dot of glue on the inside and let it dry.
floral napkin rings
Next, select a flower to top off your napkin holder! You could choose matching flowers for all of your napkin rings, or an assortment in a similar color palette. You could even add a few small flowers instead of one large flower- our paper flowers, moss flowers and mulberry flowers would look beautiful in a small bunch on top of a jute napkin ring holder! If you go this route, consider adding a few sprigs of stamen flowers as well to really add to the natural look of the arrangement.
silk flower napkin rings
Secure the flower to your napkin ring with a dot of glue.
make flower napkin rings
If you used a large fabric flower, you may wish to up the drama a bit with a metal button embellishment to add to the center of your flower. Most of our metal embellishments are flat backed, meaning you can simply attach them with a dot of glue. If the button you choose has a shank on the back, it can easily be taken off with a jewelry snip before you glue it in place.
crafts napkin rings flower napkin ring holders
Repeat until you have a complete set of napkin rings with matching or coordinating flowers.
easy to make napkin rings
Time to have a dinner party! So we hope you will give these DIY Flower Napkin Rings a try and put your own spin on them! If you do, let us know how it turned out! We love to see how your projects turn out. Extra points if anyone has a dinner party action shot!



  1. How did you use elastic around the napkin holder to give it the stretch around. I’m going to try making this but didn’t know if they would fall of. Or how to make it stretch.
    Please advise. Tjanks

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