DIY Flower Pens


Whether you are wanting to make a gift for a teacher, a centerpiece for a wedding or bridal shower, or a favor for parties and events, this DIY flower pen craft is worthwhile creative project. Crafty and inexpensive, these DIY flower pens can make great centerpieces that also double as useful pens.

Being able to choose your own pen topper in own color choice(s) allow you to use these DIY flower pens for baby shower or bridal showers, birthday parties, holiday parties, wedding showers and more. With these crafty pens, you end up creating a stunning vase-filled centerpiece that also acts as pens for signing a guestbook AND for all the games you play at parties too! After the wedding or party, the pens can then be given as favors too – just a little extra gift for all the guests in attendance. As mentioned before, you could also make an entire bouquet or fill a coffee cup with these homemade pens as great teacher gifts.

DIY Flower Pen Tutorial DIY Flower Pens

Supplies Needed:

Flower Pen Tutorial

Step 1

Add a bit of hot glue to the end of the pen and carefully wrap your pen in whichever covering you choose. Continue to add dabs of glue as you wrap the entire pen from end to end. We used twine, but you could use our 3/8th inch glitter elastic for a bit of sparkle, our fun printed elastic – great for birthdays or themed parties, or just a solid colored elastic for a basic look – perfect for matching a specific color choice.

 DIY Flower Pen TutorialDIY Pen

Step 2

Add hot glue to the center of your rhinestone button and quickly place it directly in the center of your flower.

DIY flower pens DIY Flower Pen

Step 3

Snip off the small stem on the back of the flower, and then add a dab of glue to the bottom of your flower pen topper and quickly place the flower onto the end of the pen.

DIY Flower Pen Tutorial hamemade flower pen Handmade Flower Pen Tutorial Homemade flower pens

DIY Flower Pens HomemadeIf you wish, continue these three simple steps to create an entire bouquet of flower pen crafts. You could make them all the same, or mix and match flower colors and rhinestone centers to make your very own unique pen crafts. Be sure to check out all of our beautiful DIY hair flowers as well as our flat back embellishments, pearls, and metal rhinestones buttons to see just how many choices you have. Fill up an entire vase or a coffee cup, or simply use just one – the choices are up to you and they are seemingly endless! If you do choose to place them in a specific object, think about what you would like to put in the bottom of the vase for extra pop! Use rocks, colored beads, stones, gems, matching pearls, sand, or nothing at all – each will achieve a completely different and fun look. How cute would this look next to a guest book at a wedding or bridal shower!? Make a similar floral pen bouquet for the table centerpieces so everyone is in reach of a pen. We hope you have enjoyed learning how to make DIY flower pens and hope you enjoy using it for your themed party or special event!


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