DIY Gladiator Sandals


how to make your own sandals at homeAre you looking for a bit of a spruce up on your summer look? We have the perfect DIY project that will do the trick! You might even be able to complete this summer wardrobe upgrade with things you have around the house! Have you ever ended up with a cheap pair of flip fops that were bought out of desperation at the beach or on a whim because they were so cheap? Take those boring flip flops and give them an overhaul with our DIY Gladiator Sandals tutorial!

We loved how easily this project came together. Who knew it could be so easy to make your own wrap sandals? If you don’t have a pair of yucky plastic sandals sitting around waiting for a sandal makeover, you could easily adapt this technique to wrap or braid around the straps of a pair of well made but boring sandals. Sandal upgrades are just as fun! Or just go out and pick up a cheapie pair of sandals- they will look so great once they are transformed, we guarantee it will be worth it!

Supplies Needed to Make Your Own Gladiator Wrap Sandals:

Step One:
Pull the original straps out of your flip flops- we were able to just pull the straps through the hole, but you may need to cut them to be able to remove the straps from the shoe. You will just discard the straps, so don’t worry if they get wrecked while removing them.gladiator sandals make your own
Step Two:
We liked the comfort that a bit of stretch gave these sandals, so we recommend using either decorative elastic or homemade t-shirt yarn. Cut three pieces of t-shirt yarn to about twice as long as you will need to loop from one ankle, down to close to your toes, then ending at the other ankle. We used 24 inch pieces of t-shirt yarn, which was the perfect length for a large women’s sandal. Tie your strings in a knot at one end.
gladiator sandals tutorial
Step Three:
Thread the loose end of your elastic through one of the side ankle holes of your sandal, starting from underneath. Pull through until your knot is wedged into the existing hole, securing in place with glue if necessary.  Our sandals had an indented area where material had already been removed, but if your knots are very large you may need to remove slightly more by snipping the edges with a scissors. The goal is to have the knot tightly wedged in place, but to sit evenly with the sole of the sandal. Trim the strings from the knot and secure in place with a bit more hot glue.
diy gladiator sandals make your own gladiator sandals
Step Four:
Braid your strings until your braid is the length needed to wrap to the front of your foot and back to your other ankle. Thread the end of your braid though the hole, finishing with a knot like the first.
diy gladiator wrap sandals design your own sandals
Step Five:
For the portion of the sandal that goes between your toes, we did not want a large amount of material to rub or cause irritation there, so we cut a 2 inch wide piece of t-shirt string to use (the t-shirt sting we used for braiding was cut in one inch wide strips).  Thread the string though the toe hole, from the bottom towards the top. Loop your string around the braided cord and thread it back though the toe hole.
make my own sandals how to make your own gladiator sandals make your own leather sandals how to make your own sandals at home
Step Six:
Tie the two toe strings together in an overhand knot. Trim and secure the knot in place as before.
make your own sandals how to make own sandals
Step Seven:
Next your will prepare the string that you will braid to wrap around your ankles. First determine approximately how long you want the strings wrapped and tied around your ankles to be. Cut one string duble that length, and cut a second string 4 times that length, but folded in half. We wanted our ankle ties to be 12 inches after braided so we cut one string to 24 inches, and cut the second string to 48 inches, then folded it in half.
create your own flip flops
Step Eight:
Thread your long string through one of the loops in your braid, about an inch or two away from there the braid meets the sandal. Pull the long string though until you reach where it was folded in half.  Take the shorter piece and weave it through another loop in the braid, then tuck it down into another portion of the braid. Secure in place with hot glue in a discreet place, where the braid will cover your glue.
custom flip flops make your own sandals decorate flip flops design your own flip flops
Step Nine:
Braid your cords and repeat on the other side.
make your own flip flops

Step Ten:
Once your gladiator wrap sandals are completely braided, you can add embellishments if you would like! We liked the look both with and without, so we glued pheobe flowers and chiffon print flowers to shoe clips, so they could be worn both ways. If you know that you want your flowers or embellishments permanently attached, go ahead and glue them straight on with hot glue.
make your own sandals
This is such and easy craft, you could easily update a few pairs of plain old sandals into funky DIY gladiator wrap sandals!
make your own sandals
We can’t wait to take our new sandals out to the beach. Since they were inexpensive and a breeze to make, we won’t be worried about splashing in the water with them- and they will look great! If you give this sandal tutorial a try, let us know. We would love to see your take on these DIY Gladiator Sandals!


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