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Top 3 New Ways to Wear Headbands

When you are as into headbands as we are, you re always looking for new ways to wear headbands. A few cute headbands can really rescue you from a hair rut rut! So to help you shake things up, we wanted to share our Top 3 New Ways to Wear Headbands! All...Read More »

Sparkle Bow Headbands

It has never been easier to coordinate cute headbands to outfits, but in the interest of having more spending money for more cute outfits and more cute headbands, we love to make DIY hair accessories whenever we can! We have started seeing adorable Sparkle Bow Headbands in stores for upwards of...Read More »

Make Your Own Spider Hat

It is always nice to have an easy Halloween costume on standby. A Halloween accessory that does not look like you are phoning in the spooky spirit of the holiday is preferable. Sometimes a situation requires an easy Halloween costume that can be worn all day without issue- and that...Read More »

How to Make a Felt Flower Headband

There is something undeniably rewarding about designing your very own custom headband from beginning to end. You can be sure that no one will have the exact same headband, even if they started with the same supplies. You will supply your very own flair! One handy trick to have...Read More »

Fall Hair Accessories

The nights will soon be turning chillier, and there will be a bright crispness in the air- yes, fall is approaching! Depending on where you live, your change of seasons may be sooner rather than later. While the end of summer is certainly  a bummer, there is an undeniable charm to autumn....Read More »

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