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There are few hairstyles more versatile and easy than a fast bun or a top-knot. As easy as it is to just throw your hair up and go, sometimes you want to look a bit more polished without adding too much time to your morning. For exactly that reason, we are in love with this simple DIY Hair Bun Pin. We love how it can transform even a messy bun or a simple ballerina bun into a cute pinned up hairstyle.

For our hair bun pin we decided to go with classic chiffon flowers and a beautiful white applique, thinking of a possible DIY wedding up-do or any light, summery look, but by simply swapping out the flowers or the color of the applique, we can see this easily taking on a dramatic night look. This DIY up-do bun accessory works great for any age – There are endless options with this no fuss hair accessory!

Supplies Needed:

how to use a bun pin

Step One:

Thread your elastic through the teeth on one side of the hair comb and tie a tight knot at the base.

bun pin up hairstyles

Step Two:

Hold the tail of your elastic with the base of the hair comb, so that as you wrap the base it will be covered by the wrapped elastic.  Tightly wrap the elastic around the base of the comb, feeding the elastic through approximately every other tooth of the comb.

cute messy bunshair bun holder

Step Three:

Once you have reached the end, tie another tight knot and secure the tail of the knot in place with hot glue, using the tail to cover any exposed metal on the base of comb.

how to use a bun pin bun hair pin

Step Four:

Cut a large felt circle in half. Align the straight edges of the felt with the base of the hair comb, with the straight edges of the felt lined up with bottom of the comb. The curved side of the felt will go up and away from the comb, forming a 90 degree angle, so the flowers and applique will sit up and off the head.

bun hair comb how to wear a bun pin

Step Five:

Once you have adhered both halves of the felt circle to the comb, add glue to the felt circles and glue your flowers to the front.

how to make a bun pin DIY hair bun pin

Step Six:

Add your applique over the flowers, securing with more hot glue. Check the back to make sure that everything has been securely attached.

hair bun pinBun Hair Pin

That is all!

DIY Bun PinDIY hair bun pin

As easy as it was to assemble this DIY Hair Bun Pin, it is even easier to learn how to use a bun pin. The teeth of the hair comb will slide right under your bun and hang onto the hair there.  It really doesn’t get easier than that! Instantly, you are ready for a special event or a night on the town!



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