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diy ornamentsWe are absolutely on board with any excuse for bringing more flowers into our lives! We love fabric flowers on hairclips, headbands and so much more- with the variety of styles and colors, the options are absolutely endless! So we are extra in love with the idea of making these DIY Handmade Ornaments! We envision hanging them above a doorway or in a window to brighten up any little spot that needs a boost! Depending on your choice of flowers, string and straws you can make fun seasonal decor or bright and festive party decor! Like many of our very favorite projects, this craft is kid friendly! Most of the cutting can be done with a safety scissors or even in advance by an adult, and there isn’t much gluing involved but any white glue will work just fine! Who isn’t always on the lookout for more ideas for Christmas ornaments for kids to make?

We used paper straws for our homemade ornaments, which really brought out the cutesy made by hand vibe. This would work really well as DIY wedding decor, or for pretty handmade Christmas ornaments. Just adjust your choice of flower color to match your theme and you are on your way! However, if you swap the straws out for a plastic straw you can get a completely different look. Neon drinking straws with shiny fabric flowers or disco ball beads would create an entirely different look for modern party decor! If you want to go completely wild, paint the straws with a metallic paint finish to create a classic and dramatic looking homemade ornaments!

Supplies Needed to Make Your Own Handmade Ornaments:

diy christmas decorations
Before you start making your own ornaments, first select a type of drinking straw, string and fabric flowers. If you are using a thicker straw, jute is a great option for threading your ornament and has a fun rustic look. We went with bakers twine since our straws were on the thin side. Both the twine and jute are available in a range of colors that look great with any scheme.   Choose your pair of fluffy flowers to pair in your ornament, and cut your straws into sections slightly larger. We wanted our ornament to have longer triangles on the bottom, so we cut 8 pieces of straw to be 2.5 inches, and 4 pieces to be 3.25 inches long. Don’t feel locked into a size or amount of straws though! The very worst thing that could happen is you just unstring your pieces and start over- it is a very fun and forgiving project!
diy christmas ornaments

I will outline exactly how i made the diamond shaped straw ornament, but remember you can always add more straws or take some away to make your own unique ornaments in any shape that strikes your fancy!
homemade ornamentsdiy handmade ornaments

Cut about a yard or two of twine (you can trim it later, so err on the side of more than necessary) and string 4 pieces of small straw. Feed your end back through the inside end of first straw and out the far end so that you have a triangle with one  line coming out.
diy christmas ornaments for kids diy paper ornaments
Use one end of string to add another section of straw. Feed the end of your string through one of the legs of your original triangle so that now you have two triangles, end to end.
diy straw ornaments straw christmas tree ornaments
String on two more pieces of short straw, and feed the end of your string back through the leg of on of your previous triangles. Keep in mind, there aren’t many wrong ways to string this! If your string comes out on a side that you realize later that you don’t want you can just unstring it and run it though a different straw- or thread it through a second straw to get your string to the right place. Seriously forgiving.
drinking straw ornaments plastic straw ornaments
Stand your tree triangles up so that the point where all three meet is at the top of your pyramid. Add one more small straw to complete your base, and thread your string through the adjoining straw to close the pyramid.
paper straw ornaments straw christmas tree ornaments
Next, we strung two long pieces of straw to either side of the pyramid so that there are longer triangle “wings” on either side of the triangle.
 diy handmade ornaments diy recycled christmas ornaments
As you can see, our sting ends weren’t ending at the top of our triangles, so we just stung them back through straws until they came out the top end of the triangle. Bring the tips of the triangles together and tie the ends of the string together.
handmade christmas tree ornaments handmade personalized ornaments

In order to hang your ornament, you can either tie a loop of string together to make a simple way to hang your ornament, or you can dress it up a bit more with a loop of decorative elastic. We love using elastic for hanging ornaments since it can easily be looped around things of any size or shape to be hung and rehung anywhere! If you make your loop long enough you can even slip your ornament back through your elastic to loop around things, slipknot style. Simply cut a loop of elastic and singe the ends, then overlap the ends and glue them together. Once it is dry, tie it to your ornament.
homemade ornaments for kids christmas ornaments to make
To add a flower to the center of your ornament, trim the end of your thread to stop around the halfway point of your diamond.
homemade christmas ornaments ideas
Glue the backs of the flowers together with your string sandwiched in the middle and let your glue dry.
homemade christmas gifts homemade christmas ornaments dough  homemade christmas ornaments

Hang from some pretty branches or skip the loop altogether and suspend your ornaments with clear beading thread so they look like they are floating! Experiment with different shapes and flowers to really make a beautiful blend of unique DIY handmade ornaments! If you do give them a try let us know, we would love to see how they turned out!


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