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make hanging mobileIt is amazing how quickly one little decorative element can completely transform a space. Sometimes you hang one picture or a string of bunting and suddenly the room just comes together and it is time to have an impromptu dance-in-your-socks party- or however you like to celebrate those sort of victories! For us, that is how it felt to hang up this DIY Hanging Mobile. We set out with the goal of making some fun homemade party decor that could be hung from the ceiling, and the second that we hung up this colorful mobile, we absolutely felt ready to throw a birthday bash!

The fun would not need to stop there though- this is a sturdy decoration that could work well for an outside event, or even be hung inside year round! By tweaking the colors or materials slightly, we could see this looking great as easy decor for a kids room or hanging in a nursery, or even as beautiful DIY hanging decor for a wedding! Since you choose the size, colors and material, you could dress up any ceiling in any festive style you would like! We even have holiday and seasonal prints as well as color coordinated bundles that would make it even easier to make sure that your hanging decor is perfectly planned to match your look!

Supplies Needed to Make Your Own DIY Hanging Mobile:

hanging mobile supplies
First, collect together all of your pretty elastics, ribbons etc. We love the look of mixing prints in with he glitter, lace and solid elastics but it really just depends on the look you are going for. Maybe you want a specific color palette, or only to use soft laces? It is entirely up to you! The size that you cut your ribbons will also depend on the scale you are looking for. We cut ours to all be around 1 yard long, which worked great. If you aren’t looking for a eclectic/ uneven look you can trim them all to be exactly the same length beforehand.
hanging ceiling decorations for nursery
Next, bend your wire into a loop. If you use an old wire hanger like we did you will need to use a bit of hand strength the smooth out the bumps in the clothes hanger to the best of your ability. Wrap the ends around each other and tie in place with a scrap of string or a heavy duty piece of tape (this will all get covered later, so don’t worry if it doesn’t look too pretty).
decorating kids room on a budgetdiy hanging decorations for bedroom
Fold one of your ribbons in half and loop the folded end around your wire, feeding the tail back through the loop in order to make a slip knot.
diy hanging ceiling decorations
Continue to add lengths of ribbon in this fashion, occasionally squishing them together to make sure that they are densely packed and pretty.
hanging ceiling decorations for nursery
Continue to add ribbon until you have gone the entire way around your wire. Once you are happy with the look of your mobile, get it ready to hang by either tying a few pretty pieces of ribbon on in 3-5 spots, then knotting them together so that your mobile with hang nicely from those or use a few pieces of clear beading wire so that your pretty party decorations appear to be floating!
hanging ceiling decorations for weddings hanging ceiling decor ideas diy hanging mobile nursery

What do you think? Can you see this decorating your home or as a festive party decor? Or would you take it in a different driection entirely? Let us know what you think about this DIY Hanging Mobile, we would love to hear your thoughts!


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