DIY Headband Kits


Just recently added to our growing line of DIY crafts, are our new DIY headband kits. These great kits include everything you will need to create SIX of your own shabby headbands.  Each kit includes 12 shabby flowers on trim (two per color) and an 18.5 inch cut of coordinating fold over elastic, and 12 felt circles.  To complete the headbands, follow these simple instructions.


1.  Cut the flower off of the mesh trim. You can pull the mesh tight and snip very close to the flower – if you nick it, it’s OK! they are “shabby” so you won’t even notice. If you have some stray mesh, you can always take your lighter and run it delicately along the stray mesh and it will literally disinigrate right off.


2. Decide what diameter of headband you need. We use the following measurements as our “rule of thumb”

Newborn 13″

Baby-Toddler 15″

Toddler – Child 16″

Child – Adult 18″

When you have decided which size you need, cut the elastic ONE HALF inch more that your decided size.

3. Glue the elastic into a circle (this is why you cut 1/2″ longer, to account for the overlap)

4. Arrange your two flowers how you would like them to look on the headband -I generally overlap them a bit. Flip them upside down.


5. Place a line of glue over the back of the flowers, and place the elastic (making sure the seam of the elastic is attached to the flower) onto the flower cluster.


6. Hot glue the two felt circles onto the back of the flower/elastic strip.


7. Let it dry for a minute or so, and you have a ready to wear adorable headband!




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