DIY Kids Chandelier


Kids Chandelier

unique chandeliers for children

Finished Baby Nursery Chandelier made from flowers, pearls and pendents.

When my four year old princess/diva/daughter came to me requesting a “PINK Princess Room” I started dreaming up ideas on how to create a unique theme for her room. I started seeing all sorts of extravagant chandeliers for Kid’s rooms. They were WAY over the top and gorgeous, but I was not ready to plunk down several hundred bucks for this one focal piece. I really wanted to figure out how to make a chandelier for her.  Here is what we’ve come up with. A simple, floral chandelier, made from elegant, yet inexpensive supplies. There are many different variations you can do with this fun project, so fell free to take our instructions and tweek them to suit your needs! The great thing about this project is that you can come up with your own color scheme (PINK for us!) to match whatever decor you would like. You can also mix and match the styles and textures of flowers to create many different looks. This DIY Chandelier could be used as a nursery chandelier, kids chandeliers ~ really a stunning focal point for any glamorous up room!

Here are the key “ingredients” for your kids chandelier:

kids chandelier

Here is a sample of the items we used to create this fun kids chandelier!

__________styrafoam ring (got ours at Hobby Lobby)

Ivy Vine (again, Hobby Lobby) – we bought a 6 foot vine – didn’t use nearly the whole vine

2 inch satin ribbon (we used cream)

Flowers to decorate – our example uses 12 ranunculus flowers (4 hot pink, 8 light pink), and 12 satin chrysanthemums.

10mm pearl beads (we used white) – approximately 200

One large diamond pendant (we used pink to accent the pink flowers)

4 smaller raindrop pendants (you could use more diamond pendants, but I would suggest going smaller than your center pendant to make that center on really POP!)

Beading thread or wire (or fishing line)

Crimp beads

A few spacer beads

Flat nosed pliers

Felt circles (optional)

Hot Glue/glue gun


6″ wide tulle in a coordinating color

Let’s get started!!!

1. Start by wrapping your Styrofoam ring with the satin ribbon.

Childrens Chandelier

You can start wrapping the satin ribbon on the ring by using a dab of hot glue to hold the first end in place.

2. Wrap your satin ribbon all the way around the ring, pulling tight as you go to avoid too many wrinkles – once you reach the end, pull tight and glue down with some hot glue.

Kids Chandelier

Continue wrapping the satin around the ring at an angle.

Baby Chandelier

Finished Ring for Children’s Chandelier

3. Next I wrapped the ivy around the ring. I just used thumb tacks to secure it on both ends just to hold it in place. Once you start gluing everything on, it will stay in place on it’s own.

baby nursery chandelier

Wrap ivy around the ring, much like the ribbon.

4. Next we will start adding the pearl strands. Your starting points will be much like a clock. You will be attaching points of the strands at 12, 3, 6 and 9 o’clock.

5. Cut 4 pieces of wire or thread no shorter than 25 inches. I cut around 30 inches to be safe, you can always trim it in the end.

6. Take one of your pieces of thread and loop it under the ring at one of the starting points (say 12 o’clock) – pull it up, and string 2-3 crimp beads through BOTH ends of the thread.

childrens chandelier

7. Pull the crimp beads close to the ring so there is not much slack. You will want to pull one end of the thread all the way until you are close to the crimp beads (so you will have one really LONG tail, and one tail that just has an inch or two. Crimp beads.

kid's chandelier

Pinch the crimp beads as close to the ring as you can.

8. String 14 pearls onto the string. ( you could use more or less, depending on how long you want the strands )

baby chandelier

9.  Once you have the pearls on the strand, add your smaller (raindrop) pendant.

DIY chandelier

10. String 14 more pearls onto of this pendant.

11. Add a spacer bead, then 2 to 3 more crimp beads. ( we simply added the spacer because our crimps were so small they fell into the pearls when strung so we couldn’t crimp them )

DIY Chandelier tutorial

12. Wrap the thread around the ring at your next “clock” point ( 1/4 turn on the ring, so 3 o’clock )

13. Pull the end BACK through the crimps, spacers and a couple pearls.

DIY Chandelier tutorial

14. Pull tight so there is no slack, and crimp your crimp beads as close to the ring as possible.

15. Repeat steps 6-14 three more times – giving you a string of pearls hanging from 12 to 3, 3-6, 6-9 and 9-12 o’clock points.

kids chandelier

You will have “meeting points” at 12 o’clock, 3 o’clock, 6 o’clock and 9 o’clock on your ring.

16. Cut two more pieces of thread – minimum of 30 inches – we cut a full yard just to be safe (Better LONG than SHORT when you get to the end of this kid’s chandelier!)

17. Wrap your thread, just like before at your beginning point (12 o’clock) – repeat steps 6 and 7 here.

18. Wrap your second piece of thread at your 3 o’clock point. Repeat steps 6 and 7 here as well.

18. String BOTH threads with 20 pearls (or just make sure it is approximately 1/3 more than your shorter strings as you will want these longer than the first four).

19. Take the unattached ends with the pearls and string them BOTH through your large diamond pendant.

baby nursery chandelier

Your two long strands of pearls will meet in the middle with the large pendant.

20. Separate your strands again, and string 20 more pearls per thread.

kids chandelier


21. Secure one strand of pearls while you will be attaching the other to the ring so the pearls do not go flying! We just clamped it with an alligator clip we had laying around.

DIY baby nursery chandelier

22. Attach the first finished strand to your 6 o’clock point – use the same method as steps 11-14.

23. Attach the second strand to your 9 o’clock point – using the same method as steps 11-14.

DIY children's chandelier

This is what it should look like at this point. Don’t worry if your strands are not quite even, you can adjust them soon.  This children’s chandelier is starting to come together!

24. Now we will start attaching the flowers. If you are using flowers that are on a stem, you will need to trim the stem off, so it is a little flatter for gluing purposes, but you will NOT want to trim it so close to the back so that the stem will no longer hold the petals together. An alternative is to take each flower off the stem and re glue petals together. We were too antsy to finish to do this so we just trimmed and glued!

kid's chandelier


25. Once we trimmed off the stem, we glued a felt circle onto the back to make a more even surface for gluing onto the ring.

baby nursery chandelier

26. We used a darker pink ranunculus at each point (12, 3, 6 and 9 o’clock), and simply glued them at each corner. Tip – if you are gluing – use LOTS of glue and HOLD the flower to the ring for about 30 seconds to ensure a tight hold.

Kids chandelier

Rannies at each point.


kids chandelier

27. Glue your top flowers, we used the satin chrysanthemums and alternated pink and white flowers.

childrens chandelier

We used two pink flowers above the point rannies and a white in between.

28. Take your other ranunculus, we used a lighter pink for contrast. Two will fit perfectly in between each corner Rannie. Glue onto the ring. We put them on the ring slightly pointing down to give it a fuller look.

DIY flower chandelier

29. Once all the flowers are secure you are ready to make your hangers for the kid’s chandelier!

30. Cut four pieces of 6 inch tulle at approximately 50 inches each.

31. Using your four points again, place tulle under the ring at each point and pull so ends are even

DIY baby nursery chandelier

32. Gather all ends of tulle up above the chandelier. Here you can determine how long you would like it to hang. Once you have decided. You simply tie a knot with all the tulle ends and trim as needed.

children's chandelier

33. Hang your beautiful creation and marvel at you own, handmade kid’s chandelier!

kids chandelier

unique chandeliers for children

Finished Baby Nursery Chandelier made from flowers, pearls and pendents.


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