DIY Kissing Ball Bouquet and Centerpiece


If you are looking how to make a kissing ball, then look no further. This simple step-by-step tutorial will show you how to make a DIY pomander flower ball – perfect for wedding bouquets, baby shower decorations, bridal shower centerpieces, holiday ornaments and even home decor! There are so many different ways you can make your own kissing ball centerpiece and they are so easy to make! You can make smaller sized hanging balls for ornaments or you can make larger sized kissing balls for wedding bouquets for bridesmaids or to hang on the side of chairs and pews as you walk down the aisle. The options are endless with these simple hanging flower balls.

Supplies needed:

  • Styrofoam ball (can be found at any arts and crafts store)
  • Straight pins or hot glue
  • Satin or grosgrain ribbon
  • Craft flowers (amount needed depends on size of flowers as well as size of foam ball. For example in the light pink flower bouquet below – there are 25 soft petal roses on a 4.7 inch foam ball)

Step 1:

Cut your grosgrain ribbon to the length you want your handle to be, assuming you are going to use this as a wedding pomander ball. Remember that this ribbon will be looped around so keep that in mind as you cut your grosgrain ribbon down to size. Hot glue or pin the ribbon, in a circular loop, to the ball. To add extra strength and security to your pin, you can also do double duty by adding a dab of hot glue to the pin before you stick it into the foam. Do not worry too much about how clean your ribbon looks where it is attached to the foam ball as it will be covered up by your flowers.

DIY pomander kissing ball
This is how your pomander will hang – whether it be from a wedding pew, a flower girl or bridesmaid’s hand, or a ceiling as a DIY party decoration. If you are planning to set your DIY pomander kissing ball on a vase, candlestick, or centerpiece, you can simply skip this step as a handle is not needed.

Step 2:

Using straight pins, stick pins, or hot glue, place your flowers directly onto the foam ball. Just be sure to start in one place and continue to build/add flowers around it. If you start in two different spots, you may find your flowers are too far apart or too squished together. Continue to place your flowers onto your foam ball until you have completely covered it resulting in your own unique DIY pomander kissing ball!

DIY pomander flower ball DIY kissing ball
This step, especially if you are using pins that are easily changed, is where you can play around. If you want, you can choose to mix and match colors, flower combinations, sizes, and more to fill up your kissing ball decoration. Make a pattern with colors and textures or simply fill the ball with one type of flower – all these choices are yours. If using real flowers for your DIY pomander ball, be sure to keep about 1 inch of stem on each flower to easily push them into the foam ball.

DIY kissing ballDIY kissing ball for weddingsDIY kissing ball for weddings 
DIY pomander flower ball DIY pomander kissing ball
Though this tutorial is extremely simple, it results in a beautiful DIY creation! Cut in half to use on the end of pews as pew bows, or use (in full) from the ceiling by pearl string at a bridal shower or wedding reception, DIY bouquets for the flower girl and bridesmaids at a wedding, make into a baby rattle for a fun decoration at a baby shower, place on top of glass vases to create classic centerpieces, hang in a window or Christmas tree as a homemade ornament, or place on candlesticks in your home on your fireplace mantel for an eye-catching floral decor piece. You could even add jingle bells, pine cones, brooches, buttons, baby’s breath, seashells, tulle, and pearls to create festive DIY hanging flower balls that will better match a specific location, holiday, or party theme! With all of the silk, satin, chiffon and mesh DIY flowers that Sunshine Shoppe has to offer and all the color options available, you shouldn’t have any problem making a DIY pomander kissing flower ball that is perfect for your special occasion.


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