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With prom in sight and wedding season just around the corner, one of the things on your to-do list may be to find a garter for your special day. If you’re wondering how to make a lace garter this DIY lace garter tutorial has complete step by step instructions on how to make your own prom garter or wedding garter. You won’t have to waste your money in a store on something that isn’t the perfect color or shade or style that you are looking for when you are able to make your own one-of-a-kind garter.

Follow these instructions and learn how to make your own unique and beautiful lace peacock inspired garter!

DIY Lace Peacock Garter

Lace Garter Instructions:

Step 1

To find out the length of lace needed, you will need to measure your thigh so that your DIY lace garter will fit perfectly. To do this:

  • Expose your bare thigh (you can be standing or sitting with knees at a 90 degree angle)
  • Find the point where your garter will sit and wrap the measuring tape around that point – pulling the tape so that it sits on your skin and does not pinch or compress it,
  • Write that number down
  • Subtract 1 inch from that number – this will make sure the garter fits snug but not too tight on your skin.
  • Cut your lace to that number. (For brides – you may want to double that number and make two garters right away – one for keeps and one to toss on your wedding day!)

Step 2

For this lace peacock garter, we will be using brown 2 inch stretch elastic lace trim. Take your lace and wrap it around to make a circle. Now you will be able to hot glue or stitch down the side of the lace to put the two ends together. If there is any excess, make sure to trim the edges off to give your garter a clean and professional look.

DIY Lace Garter Supplies DIY Lace Garter

Step 3

This is the fun part where your DIY garter really starts coming together. Here is where we add any colorful bows, feathers, beads, or other beautiful embellishments to your garter to give it a fun and festive look. In this case, we will be adding:

When adding the tutu lace flower, place a dab of hot glue onto the back of the lace flower, onto the felt circle, and immediately place in the middle of the ostrich feather puff.

DIY Lace Garter DIY Lace Garter

Then trim the peacock feather ends, if you wish, to clean up and refine the peacock feather edges. Put hot glue on the end of the feather and quickly place between the lace flower and the ostrich puff. You may add the peacock feather first and then the lace flower on top if you would rather join the embellishments in that order.

DIY Lace Peacock Garter DIY Lace Peacock Garter

After the feather is secure, the next step is to fasten the plastic round bitty button to the middle of the tutu lace flower to enhance the garter with  some extra bling. To do this, just add a drop of hot glue to the back of the button and place on top of the flower.

DIY Lace Garter Bead DIY Lace Peacock Garter

Finally, position the embellishments upside down in the position you would like them to be on the lace. Hot glue the 2 inch lace directly to the feather puff. Then add hot glue to the 2 inch felt circle and place on top of the lace. This will help cover up any excess hot glue, to secure the lace to the embellishments and give your lace peacock garter a more complete and finished look. Turn garter over to see your newest one-of-a-kind DIY lace garter creation!

DIY Lace Peacock Garter DIY Lace Peacock GarterDIY Lace Peacock Garter DIY Lace Peacock Garter

DIY Peacock Lace Garter

Below are a few other garters we have made with our 1 inch lace and 2 inch lace to show you some other color and style options that you could make or draw inspiration from when crafting your prom or wedding DIY lace garter. We have also listed all the supplies needed to create these garters in order to aid you in finding the same or similar options for your own DIY garter project. Click on the photos if you wish to view a larger version.

DIY 1 inch garters DIY 2 inch garters

As you can see there are endless options for creating DIY lace garters. We have such a wide variety of colors, in not only our lace, but also in all of our flower categories, feather selections, and beads, that you should not have a problem matching your prom dress or wedding colors! If you choose to make a garter out of My Sunshine Shoppe supplies, we would absolutely love to see your creations from our lace garter tutorial posted on our Facebook page!



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