DIY Mason Jar Lid Craft


mason jar lid craft tutorialWith the chillier days of fall come many fun things to look forward to. Falling leaves, back to school activities and delicious fall apples! It is no wonder that apples are so closely associated with school, given the perfect timing of their season. As much as we love eating crisp fall apples, creating apple inspired crafts is almost as fun! This DIY Mason Jar Lid Craft captures that fun fall energy in an adorable ornament to hang in a window or give as a gift!

We experimented with a few materials to wrap our mason jar lid ornaments in. Bakers twine and jute yarn turned out cute and have an unusual rustic vibe that is very fun. We also loved the wide variety of colors to choose from! The wrapping of the skinny strands was a bit of a challenge though, so if you are planning this ornament craft for kids then you may want to plan on using fold over elastic instead. The wrapping was more forgiving due to the stretch of the elastic and it’s ability to overlap. Plus, the selection of colors and patterns can’t be beat!

Supplies Needed to make your own Mason Jar Lid Craft:

mason jar craft supplies

We did not use our newest or nicest mason jar lids for this, by any means. Save those for the tomato sauce! We scrounged these jar lid rings from the back of a drawer and they had definitely seen better days! If you aren’t a home canner, keep you eyes peeled at yard sales and thrift stores, or just ask around! It seems like the lids rings always start to rust and get yucky before the jars have lost their use- which in this case is lucky for us!

apple craft ideas for kids
Start your twine , string or elastic on the inside of your jar lid with a dot of glue. If you are going for a rougher rustic look you could start it with a knot as well.
apple craft preschool
Begin to wrap your lid. We tried for a neater wrapping, so we squished the string as close together as possible in this case and secured occasionally with glue. Again, if you are going for a it more of a rustic look you could always overlap and wrap with a few layers of string, and that could look wonderful as well!
mason jar lid ornaments
Once you have finished wrapping your mason jar lid with string, secure again with glue inside the lid or with a knot.
red apple decorationsred apple ornament apple craft for kids first day of school ornaments

Cut your twig or paper straw to an appropriate size for the stem of your apple, and cut two halves of a leaf shape out of two shades of green felt. Secure both to the top of your apple with a got of glue.
first day of school ornaments
We think these jar lid ornaments look cutest in a cluster, so go ahead and make a few! DIY mason jar lid craft
Once  you have completed your ornaments, string them up with a loop of nylon thread to admire your handiwork!
mason jar lid craft how to
With a small bit of modification, this DIY mason jar lid craft can easily be adapted to be a great back to school fall craft for kids! Handmade ornaments are always an appreciated gift for teachers or family members, and gifts that you have made yourself are always gratifying to give! Do you have any special back to school crafts or activities planned? We would love to hear about them in the comments below!



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