DIY Maternity Sash Tutorial


DIY pregnancy maternity bump sashAre you a mommy-to-be or know someone who is? Here at Sunshine Shoppe Supply, we have two of our very own employees that are both due in March! We thought these adorable DIY pregnancy baby bump sashes would make wonderful additions to maternity photography session shoots, baby shower parties, gender reveal parties, and more. They would also make great gifts for all of those future mommies. Add these cute, unique maternity belly sashes to any outfit for a fun, updated look that is sure to show off your baby bump. If you want to find out how to make a maternity sash, continue to read the maternity sash tutorial below to see how to make these two unique DIY belly bump bands!

Supplies needed:
Top DIY maternity sash:

Bottom DIY pregnancy sash:

We offer our DIY maternity sash craft kits in our store, please check out our DIY maternity sash kits.

DIY pregnancy maternity bump sash

Step 1:
Cut your 2 inch lace, or thick elastic, to the length needed to fit around the mommy’s belly. You will be tying this around the mom-to-be’s baby bump, so it is up to you if you would like long ribbons of lace to hang in the back or just a short little bow. Then, arrange your flowers how you would like them to look along your lace or elastic sash. Feel free to play around with different looks and designs at this point, before you go ahead and glue them down.

maternity belly sash tutorial

Step 2:
If you have any buttons or embellishments to add to the center of your flowers, add a dab of hot glue to the back of them and add them on.

maternity belly sash tutorial

Step 3:
One by one, add hot glue to the back of each flower and place it onto the lace sash. You may need to first slip felt circles under the lace so that the hot glue doesn’t seep through to the back side. Gently press down on each flower to secure it with the hot glue onto lace. Continue to do this until each of your flowers are in perfectly in place.

maternity belly sash tutorial maternity belly sash tutorial
maternity belly sash tutorial maternity belly sash tutorial

Step 4:
Flip your DIY maternity belly bump sash over and double check that all felt circles are secure and held in place. If necessary, add more glue to secure the felt circle to the flowers on the other side. Not only will this help hold all flowers in place, but it also gives your pregnancy sash a finished and completed look.

DIY pregnancy maternity bump sash DIY pregnancy maternity bump sash
DIY pregnancy maternity bump sash DIY pregnancy maternity bump sash
DIY pregnancy maternity bump sashNot only do these DIY pregnancy sashes look great for maternity photo shoots and other pre-baby events, but they also work wonderfully for newborn baby shoots as well! Simply lay it on the newborn baby’s back or around the newborn baby for an extra floral photo prop, and then place in the baby’s nursery as beautiful room decor. Any mom-to-be will love these homemade belly sashes, no matter the occasion. Know what the gender of the baby is?! Make your belly bump sash in all pinks or all blues to coordinate with your baby. This would work especially great for wearing after or during a gender reveal party. Mix and match the colors of these flowers to get endless color combinations. You can also mix and match other DIY flowers, feathersmetal rhinestone buttons, flat back embellishments, appliques, and bows to create your own one of a kind pregnancy sash. So many options and combinations on how to make your own DIY maternity bump sash.

Need a little bit more direction on how to make your own maternity sash? Check out our step by step video tutorial:

If you wish to purchase a kit, instead of picking out all of your own individual pieces to make a belly sash, we have six beautiful DIY kits pre-picked out. All you need to supply is hot glue! To see these DIY maternity sash craft kits, please check out our maternity sash kits.  We hope you enjoyed our maternity sash tutorial and let us know if it worked out for you!



  1. thank you for this awesome tutorial. I want to make one of these for my cousin but i want it to be a surprise do you know how much ribbon would i need to be the right size

    • Depending on the size of the baby belly, you will need 1 to 2 yards of the lace. We used 1 yard in the tutorial, but that didn’t leave much room if you wanted flowing ribbon in the back off of the bow. 🙂 We do have already made kits available on our site – gives you all supplies you need, you just have to put it together!

  2. I saw this on Pinterest and I have a friends maternity shoot tomorrow and am wondering where I can buy these supplies quickly. Thanks!


  3. I love these but I’m a little confused on how the lace is fastened in place around the belly. Is the lace just tied into a knot in the back?

  4. Chantal sherer on

    Thanks to your tutorial, I made my own sash. The funny part about this though is I used your tutorial before I started following you and I showed my friend this site to do hers as well. Now I happen to follow you and see this and go wow that is awesome. You have so many great things on here 🙂

    • We are so glad you liked it! I saw your project on facebook, it turned out awesome! Keep sharing those pics of your fun projects, we love to see how they turn out!

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